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Bizarre And Unusual Jobs That You Didn’t Know Actually Existed

By Shibu Purushothaman

Hopefully, you have worked for a company which you have loved or probably it gave you hefty pay cheques. Whether you are working as a waiter in a popular franchise or working at a senior management level in a company, jobs may have had you ripping your hair!

A few jobs can be difficult to do but today, we would be mentioning about some of the bizarre and unusual jobs in the world.

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Spoiler alert: Have you ever heard about vomit collector? This is just one on the list! So, if you have a job better than this, thank god and go back to work again!

There are some of the unusual jobs in the world which are also considered as a full-fledged profession (there's a job where you can be paid for sleeping).

So, check out the list of the jobs here!


1. Rental Boyfriend

If you have money, finding a boyfriend can never be a problem for you in Tokyo! Yes, in Tokyo there are men who carry out the job of being a rental boyfriend, where they get paid for taking care of the girl or may be fulfilling her demands. We don't know what these rental boyfriends exactly do, but it's surely an interesting job!


2. Professional Sleeper

If sleep is your first love, you can probably try your luck here! Yes, there are professional sleepers where they are paid an insane amount of money for sleeping. In this job, the person is asked to sleep and then the scientist can conduct an experiment on sleeping disorders which a person may encounter under several circumstances. Undoubtedly, this is one among the most comfortable jobs on the list.


3. Vomit Collectors

There is always a vacancy of vomit collector at amusement parks, as someone has to do it, right? Many people around the world work as a professional vomit collector in amusement parks. Vomit collectors are paid to collect your breakfast and lunch after you hurl it! This is literally disgusting!


4. Deodorant Tester

If you have been poking your nose into other's business, then deodorant testers poke their nose into others armpits just to enjoy the fragrance (or may be odour) released. Deodorant testers are paid to smell a person's armpit in order to find out the odour-fighting powers of deodorants. Yuck! This is another stinky job on the list.


5. Island Caretaker

If you love nature and want to explore the silent corners of the world, this job is for you! Individuals and government entities who own islands in Australia and Asia-Pacific region generally hire individuals who can take care of their islands! Yes, if you love enjoying being alone and also explore the environment, then you may get qualified for this job easily. The pay depends on the Island owner who hires you.


6. Olive Oil Regulator

It looks like Europeans have taken olive oil quite seriously! These people spend a lot of money in hiring olive oil regulators. Working as an olive oil regulator is considered to be a highly professional job in olive-producing countries. These professionals are responsible in maintaining the taste and smell of the different grades of olive oil.

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7. Electric Shock Giver

Another bizarre job mentioned in the list is that of an electric shock giver. Electric shock givers are known as toques in Mexico. These people generally roam around with a wooden box, which releases electric shocks. Generally, a shock is given to sober down people who are high. Well, these people are quite experienced in giving a shock and hence no risk is involved.


8. Professional Snuggler

In Japan, you can sleep next to the professional snuggler by paying a specific amount to the professionals. You are generally charged on a per-hour basis in Japan. In America, sleeping with a professional snuggler may charge you on a per-minute basis. Initially, cuddles cafe was opened in Japan and a few years later; these cafes were seen in some parts of America. This is especially for those who feel lonely or are looking for someone who can give them a good, secure and deep sleep.


9. Worm Picker

If you want to work as a warm picker, you need to collect the best worms and put them in cans. Generally, a worm picker carries out this job at night when it is dark. Once the best worms are collected, it is sold to fishermen around the world. The fishermen then pay according to the quality of worms in the can. This is definitely one among the grossest jobs on the list with low paycheques.


10. Pet Food Taster

Whoever came up with this job idea is surely a pet lover! Do humans and animals have the same taste buds? A professional who has opted for this job will need to taste the food of the pets and decide if it is good or not! Even though you might be a pet lover, you would have never imagined about tasting his food. Have you?

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Story first published: Wednesday, November 15, 2017, 16:00 [IST]
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