Kerala Couple's Eco-Friendly Engagement Is Inspiring Millions

By Shibu Purushothaman

Kerala, also known as God's own country, is one among those places which can offer you the best cuisine, cultural experience with rich flora and fauna with hush beauty to enjoy. With the largest solar plant recently built in Kerala to the highest literally rate, Kerala is one among the highly developed states of India.

Recently, Kerala government has focused on a new concept which revolves around an eco-friendly wedding. They have emphasized more on using eco-friendly things in a wedding in order to avoid environmental pollution and wastage. An initiative of Go Green agenda was started in 2016 and by now, it has become a hit in the state.

A Love Story Told In Just Pictures!

The compressive project was implemented in order to remove the waste from the city and the water bodies of the state. Launched by the chief minister, this mission focuses not only on cleaning the city but also emphasizes on "going green wedding ideas". Go green protocol as of today has become a movement in Kerala and it has literally brought down the number of biodegradable items in the state. This moment has definitely become a resolution to make this place a better place to live in.
One among the couple from Kerala who is inspiring millions by their marriage idea is Pinku and Melvin.


Go Green Marriage

Following the go green agenda of the Kerala Government, this couple decided to opt for an eco-friendly engagement. This couple from Ernakulam has inspired millions of people by organizing an eco-friendly engagement in the state. Their go green engagement was truly inspirational and loving!



Pinku and Melvin ensured that their approach is go green in every aspect of the marriage. From the garlands exchanged by the couple to the decoration of the stage, everything was made with non-polluting items.


In Order To Avoid The Cost Of High-carbon Footprints

Melvin, the groom later said that they have opted for eco-friendly engagement in order to avoid wastage and high-carbon footprints. As a couple together, Melvin and Pinku wanted to change the practice of organizing grand weddings in the state which leads to environmental pollution.

Here is what Melvin said in a statement, "Usually family functions are known for their grandeur and extravagance, which unfortunately comes at the cost of high carbon footprint. We wanted to avoid that. As a couple, together we decided to change this practice and promote the go-green philosophy."

Couple Lives In A Sewer Since 22 Years!


Support From Family And The Groom

Melvin said that he is quite lucky to have Pinku in his life, as she has supported him for achieving this target. Thanking his family, he shared a word that both the families were supportive and happy with the go green wedding style. And now, Melvin and Pinku's engagement has been appreciated around the world.


Kerala Government’s Take On The Go Green Theory

Go green theory was introduced in the state on 6th June, in order to make auspicious and precious occasions more natural and eco-friendly. Kerala government is taking measures to emphasis more on using eco-friendly ingredients. They have further said that non-degradable articles, disposable glasses, and thermocol decoration will be kept at the way, especially during a marriage.

Here is what the state official reported about this concept, "With the implementation of the protocol, plastic and other non-degradable articles including disposable glasses and plates and thermocol decorations will be kept at bay from marriage functions,"


Gift To The Couples Arranging Eco-friendly Marriages

In addition to appreciating couples opting for eco-friendly weddings, one among the state officials said that the Ernakulam's district administration is also providing a green marriage certificate for those couples who follow the go green protocol completely in the city!

This move of Melvin and Pinku has surely inspired millions of people around the country. So, go green the next time!

Images Courtesy: PTI

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