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Mystery About The Sailing Stones In The Death Valley

Nature can be surprising at times when you learn about some of the unexplained theories of life. Can you imagine a stone moving on its own? Sounds impossible, right? But the stones in the Death Valley are believed to sail on their own!

There have been various theories and explanations provided for the same; however, none of these have been successful enough at providing the actual logic.

Here are some of the details of the sailing stones of the Death Valley that are quite interesting.


Death Valley Is The Hottest Place In The World

This desert valley is located in eastern California. It is said that this place, the Death Valley, is one of the hottest places in the world. This Death Valley holds a mystery for almost a century.


The Stones Move Here On Their Own!

Researchers claim that the stones here seem to move on their own. They are believed to move when no one is looking at them. The place where the stones move is called the Racetrack Playa. It is a dry place, which is known for its "sailing stones."

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It Is A Mystery...

The dry ground has been scraped with paths that show that these stones are moving along. There is no sign of any humanly force being used to move these stones. This movement happens automatically without any outside forces involved in the same.


It Happens When Nobody Is Watching...

It is also believed that the stones only make movements when no one is looking. It's really remarkable! On the other hand, it is noted that all the stones do not move. And the stones that move, tend to move every 2-3 years once. The strange bit is that all the sailing stones do not move in one particular direction. It is believed that some kind of magnetic effects happen due to which these stones move.


The Various Theories

There are several theories that have been proposed on this phenomenon. Some claim that strong winds blow through in the Death Valley and it causes the stones to move! But the question remains as to why only certain stones move and not the entire lot?

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It Is A Mystery Still...

Other theories and researches claim that a combination of wind and temperature makes this phenomenon happen. These sailing stones also tend to make zig-zagging paths across the mud surface. This leaves a trail behind, which proves that these stones are moving around for real!

What do you think happens in this place? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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