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Countries That Are Famous For Human Trafficking

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Though there are strict rules to stop human trafficking, there are countries that are still famous for human trafficking.

Human trafficking is the trade of humans, where people are taken to different countries and are made to do mere labour jobs in which they are paid in peanuts.

Countries That Are Famous For Human Trafficking

Though it is a disgrace to the existing society, the practice of human trafficking still exists to the present day.

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We at Boldsky bring to you the list of countries that are famous for human trafficking. Check these out...



China, as a developing country, is not only a source for human trafficking, it is also a destination for it. Since the Chinese cities are equally poor and unplanned while the entire nation is developing, this practice is something that needs to be curbed at the earliest.



This nation has miserable life conditions and the residents face violence on a daily basis. Young children are forced to join the military forces. The children of almost all ages have to vigil these camps. They are trained to work with guns, which are sometimes even heavier than them!



This nation has become a point of origin and a destination for a lot of trafficking. Children are forced to work as laborers in the gold mines here. Young girls are forced into prostitution, while others are forced into fishing, begging and more.

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Though human trafficking is an illegal act in India by law, people pay no heed to this practice and still follow it. Forced labour, prostitution, organ implantation, etc., are all common here. Young children are trafficked for working into factories as well.



People are trafficked into the country and outside in this nation. There are bonded laborers all over the place, as they are sent for domestic help or for working in industries across various other countries.



Women are smuggled, kidnapped and brought from Nepal to India. Reports reveal that an estimate of 5000 to 10,000 Nepali women and girls are trafficked to only India each year.


Sri Lanka

Children are trafficked around the world here. They are often used in the military forces. On the other hand, females who are trafficked from Sri Lanka are exploited sexually across the world as well.

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