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Chinese Restaurant Where Your Bra Size Gets You A Discount!

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You would be amused to know the latest trend during sales and offers is to get a discount based on your weight or bra size.

A Chinese restaurant has taken the trend to another level by giving the female customers discounts based on their bra size!

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Though this sounds bizarre and weird, the restaurant claims to have increased their business by about 20% and this is no joke, but serious business!

Find out more about this bizarre trend set by the restaurant...


The Restaurant Is “Trendy Shrimp Restaurant”

This restaurant has garnered a lot of flak after offering discounts to women on the basis of their bra size! In short, the bigger one's bust is, the more discount they can avail.


The Poster Had To Be Taken Down...

According to sources, the restaurant had to take down the advertisement after people complained to the council about it. Apparently the idea of women dressed in just their undergarments and queuing up at the restaurant for an entry was not okay!

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The Ad Showed…

The advertisement apparently showed illustrations of women, with varying breast sizes, standing in their underwear with the slogan, "The whole city is looking for BREASTS" on top.

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The Restaurant Claimed…

The general manager of the restaurant claims that even though the restaurant has gained flaky response from people around the world, the number of customers have increased by about 20 per cent! He further added, "Some of the girls we met were very proud - they had nothing to hide."

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The Waitress Handles The Discount Bit!

The women do not have to deal with the male staff members to measure their breasts. This would be done by the waitresses instead to avoid any discomfort or embarrassment.


Would You Dare To Try?

Would you walk into a public space and ask for a discount based on your bust size? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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Story first published: Thursday, August 10, 2017, 17:12 [IST]
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