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Heard Of “Eyeball Shaving”? Know Why It Is A Trend In China

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Can you imagine a barber, using a blade to shave your head and beard, can also use the same to shave your eyes? Sounds insane, right?

But this is a weird age-old practice that is being followed in China. There are many Chinese barbers who offer 'eyeball shaving' and this practice is something that continues to shock the world today.

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Check out more on this bizarre practice, which got its fame after a video of a barber cleaning the eyeballs went viral!


The Motto Behind The Practice

According to the belief of the people who started this practice, cleaning of the eyes makes the beauty of life more visible and meaningful. To enjoy this, some people are prepared to even go under the knife to make sure they don't miss a thing!


The Practice Is Known As “knife-blade Eye Cleaning”

The practice of scraping a person's eyeballs and eyelids has been a part of Chinese culture, ever since ancient times. In this practice, there are sharp utensils that are used in the process.


The Practice Got Popularized By

The practice of eye-shaving was supposedly popularized by two brothers named: "Zhou Chengfu and Zhou Chengyin." They apparently followed their father's footsteps and excelled in the technique of servicing the eyeballs, ears and necks of the clients.


The Practice Went Viral

Many people around the world were shocked to see how people allowed their eyes to be cleaned in such a bizarre way! The pictures went viral, as in some pics a barber is seen handling his clients with extremely dirty hands. It can be clearly seen that he is scraping under the eyelids of one customer.


They Claim That Their Business Is Good!

These barbers claim that even though they charge less, their business is doing good, as there are customers who regularly visit them monthly and there are new customers who queue up the line to experience this!

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How They Shave The Eyes

In a leading report, it was revealed as to how the barbers rinse their sharp blade in the same water that they use to shave the clients heads. Then, they hold the client's eyes open with their left hand, while they use the right one to glide the knife back and forth on the inside of their eyelids and then on the eyeball. Sounds painful, right?


It Does Not End There…

The report also stated, "He then grabs a metal rod, inserts it under the person's upper eyelid and slides it left and right like a windshield wiper. He repeats the process for the lower eyelid, and when he's done, Liu moves to the other eye. The whole eye-scraping process takes about 5 minutes, and by the end, the client's face is streaming with tears."

So, do you wish to try something as bizarre as this? Do share your thoughts on the same in the comment section below.

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