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Bizarre Myths About Periods!

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When a girl gets her first period, there is a lot that goes on in her mind. From doubts to beliefs, everything seems to be pretty confusing, all thanks to the less information she would have had on the topic.

There are many myths and beliefs that people have regarding periods. These are the myths that are simply ridiculous and yet are being believed by people around.

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Even men do believe in these bizarre myths on periods and they assume such beliefs to be totally true.

Check out these bizarre myths and beliefs about menstruation or the so called "menses".


Belief #1

Men think that women talk about a "winged-pad", and that it would generally get stuck to a lady's rare end! We wonder what they would think where women stick pads that do not have wings?!


Belief #2

Menstrual blood is different from normal blood! Well, we do not have different bloods inside our body! The blood looks a little different because it gets mixed with other impurities, and it is also thicker because of the clots.


Belief #3

Blood is blue during periods! Hell, yes, this is what some of the guys out there think about the period blood or menses. All thanks to the blue ink that advertisers use during those hush-hush sanitary napkin ads.

It's now time to have a look at some of the confessions on periods.


Confession #1

"A friend in high school was afraid that if he hugged me too tightly during my period he would squeeze a lot of blood out of me like a sponge." Sounds cute, but yet it is something totally impossible!

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Confession #2

"I used to have extreme bleeding and cramping when I was in my teens and my mom took me to the doctor. He told me that it was extremely normal and it would all disappear when I got married. Needless to say, I have never gone back to that doctor."


Confession #3

"There was a weird superstition in my country where mothers would have their daughters rub the very first-period blood on their faces because it was believed that you'd never get pimples if you did that." Ewwwww!!

Know of more such bizarre beliefs or confessions on period blood? You could share them with us at the comment section below.

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