The Mysterious Cat With A Human-like Face Found!!

With science researches and inventions reaching a new level, there is a lot that is changing and evolving around us.

There are new experiments being conducted on a minute-by-minute basis in today's world, and also there are a lot of new diseases that are coming up, which the mankind is yet to discover a medicine for.

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With genetic mutations and genes going wrong in a few cases, there is just anything that one can expect from and this example of a cat-human creature would prove it right that humans have no control on the gene mutations that can take place, which is the result of all the scientific experiments being done.

Read on to know more details on this...


A Video Has Gone Viral…

A video of a bizarre-looking cat-human hybrid creature is going viral for all the weird reasons. The video clip was reported to have been filmed in a remote area of western Malaysia.

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The Video Showed...

According to sources, the video showed a bald pink-skinned creature with four limbs and a human-like head. In the video, it is seen that the bizarre-looking creature has sharp claws on all four limbs, two pointy teeth and a few thin black hair that is covering its scalp in a scanty way.


The Reality Of This Creature...

Since people have been panicking about the bizarre cat-human hybrid, it was assumed that the creature was real, unless it was again revealed that the creature was nothing else but a mere silicon doll that was for sale online.


Earlier Too Such Fake Things Made News!

With this scary creepy doll making its rounds on the internet, it was seen that earlier during the year, a goat with a human-like face had also terrified an Indian village and it had puzzled the internet.



This news about the creepy creature makes us realise that everything that we see online is not something that can be true or trusted, as most of the things that we see are purely FAKE. One needs to check in for authenticity of the sources, before we panic.

What is your take on this story? Do share your thoughts on the same in the comment section below.

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    Story first published: Monday, October 30, 2017, 18:19 [IST]
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