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How To Trust A Person Based On His/Her Behaviour

If you wish to understand a person by his/her behaviour and wish to look out for ways to understand him/her, then all you need to do is to just analyse his/her behaviour.

According to researchers, a person's behaviour reveals a lot about his/her personality and his/her reactions and approach towards certain things, which give away signs about how the person is.

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The instant reactions and the patience level of the person is also scaled in this understanding.

So, check out on these behavioural traits of people and judge them based on the way they behave towards others.


Notice What You Feel Around People

Few people's behaviour can make you feel that something is not right when they are around you. If you have a feeling that you need to be vigilant around a person, then it is a clear sign that the person is not a good choice for any kind of a relationship with. Be it a formal or an informal one, a personal or a professional one, you need to be careful around them.

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Check For Reliability

If a person's behaviour changes after they have borrowed something from you, then it is a sign that you cannot trust them. If they follow through and return your stuff, then they are reliable. If they tell you that they will call or contact you and fail to show up at that time, then they are not reliable. On the other hand, when a person gossips a lot and shows up late every time, then it can be considered that the person is an unreliable one.


Their Behavior Towards Others

A person is considered as good when he/she is respective, patient and helpful towards others. It is nice to be around such people. If they are inconsiderate, disrespectful or even self-absorbed towards others, their personality is not considered to be a good one.


Truth Quotient

No human can ever be 100% truthful but when you find a person who lies every now and then or for even for a minute situation where lying is not required, then it does not display an honest personality. These kind of people cannot be trusted. Even when people borrow things and never return it back and make regular excuses, they cannot be trusted as well.


Comments On Their Past

A person who comments on his past, continuously, and if he/she is seen focussing on only what wrong occurred to him/her in the past or if you hear him/her cribbing about a bad past that has affected him/her in the present - are the kind of people who cannot be trusted. They will never own up to their blunders.


Everyday Life Approach

If you see a person holding the door for someone else to pass, they are more likely to be a considerate and sensible person. On the other hand, if you see the same person yell and scream often or take out their anger on general people, they are believed to have extreme mood swings and they are usually bad tempered.

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    Story first published: Tuesday, October 31, 2017, 11:30 [IST]
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