What Sun Numbers Reveal About Your Personality

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Just the way astrology works, your Sun Number works as well. It reveals the darkest secrets about your personality.

If wondering how to find out about the Sun Numbers related to your personality, then follow these steps to find out your Sun Number...

To find your Sun Number, you need to simply add together the month and day of your birth.

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For Example: If you are born in January and your birthday falls on the 9th, then add the numbers 1+9=10, then reduce that to a single digit 10=1. Now 1 is your Sun Number. The same way calculate according to the birth dates and reduce it to a single digit.

Now, once you have sorted your Sun Number, find out facts about your Sun Number...



People with Sun Number 1 are stubborn due to their principles, but it's also the main thing that stops them from living their ideal life. It is very tough for them to accept that a past plan, career or relationship was not the right choice. They avoid viewing this as a failure, or as losing pride. Instead, they think of it as a learning from these past experiences and evolve accordingly to suit their developing needs.



These people are said to be usually very methodical and careful in their approach to life choices, but the actual fact is that they find changes to be quite difficult and scary. Instead of shutting down their intuitions which are really hard, they do not hesitate to try experimenting with it. Confronting some of their fears and trying new things will lead in their productive growth as well.



These guys are said to be creative and have a child-like appreciation for life which means that they are natural at being more imaginative. On the other hand, they may be intimidated when they think too deeply or emotionally while keeping relationships. By deliberately engaging in self-reflection and challenging oneself to ask meaningful questions, they often access new information about their life's true purpose!



People of this number are dedicated to goals and they have high levels of resilience. Their perfectionist streak keeps them stuck. They would be way much happier if they can accept that there is no perfect time, and no perfect outcome as well.



These guys have a great capacity for coping with change and can roll with the punches. The thing that saps their power is their impatient nature and it requires sticking to at least some roughly defined decisions.

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As someone influenced by the Sun Number 6, your gift for harmony makes other people happy and can create some wonderfully balanced relationships. However, their frequency and manifestation potential aren't as high as they could be, as they tend to put the needs of others before their own.



People who have a Sun Number of 7 are said to be philosophically gifted and they can easily see past surface information to the hidden meanings beneath. But, this rich inner world can also lead to an introverted demeanor, which can make them feel shy or hesitant when they try to build new relationships.



For these guys life is influenced by the Sun. They are likely to find it easier than most to find satisfaction without material possession. The thing that most often stands between them and their full power is their desire for control. Learning to let go and trust the Universe is the best step they can take towards manifestation.



People whose Sun Number is 9 are said to be strong and very effective. They love to be fully engaged with their feelings instead of aiming for objectivity and detachment. When they experience their emotions fully and genuinely, they will be able to locate their deepest needs and turn dreams into reality.

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