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Pictures Of The Real Giant André That Are Not Photoshopped!

Do you realise that there have been real giants who've existed in the world. There are few of them who have got famous for their unique figure and lifestyle; and one such person is "André the Giant."

He is a known face in the entertainment industry, as he was a WWF wrestler. Have an insight of his lifestyle and what really made him live in a different world when compared to the rest of us.

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This guy was 7 feet 4 inches tall and weighed around 550 pounds. He rose to fame for his unbelievable physical feats, including drinking over 150 bottles of beer in one sitting.

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Check out for some of the amazing things that this guy did!


It's Arnold In The Picture!

Have a closer look of this picture to get the actual idea of his physique! André was always famous for paying for his dinner parties that included the guests as well. In this picture, he had apparently caught Arnold Schwarzenegger trying to pay for his own dinner while shooting for a movie and that is when he picked Arnold up, put him back on his dining chair, and paid for the group's meal.


He Was A Famous Guy!

André was a famous guy and this picture of his meeting with the professional boxer Bobby Chacon was released in the year 1979. He seemed to be a guy who was all fun to be around with.


Can You Believe This!

He was referred to as the "greatest drunk on Earth," unofficially, as André had allegedly drank over 150 pints of beer in one sitting. This made him rise to fame instantly!
PS: Look at the size of the pint in his hand!


Everything Around Him Seemed To Be Like A Toy!

By the age of 12, André was already 6'3" in height and weighed about 240 pounds. André's size made most objects he interacted with look like toys. Just look at the size of the vehicle and him!


Check The Size Of The Legend's Hand!

This is the epic picture of André the Giant and Muhammad Ali when they were seen comparing their hand sizes on meeting in the year 1975. For sure, his size did astonish all!


He Was Great In Lifting Things...

André was said to be a no stranger to lifting things. His brother remarked that André could accomplish the work of 3 experienced farmhands by his mid-teens. No doubt, he was quite powerful!

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    Story first published: Friday, July 28, 2017, 19:17 [IST]
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