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    A-rated Movie Stars Who Have Quit Their Jobs Now

    By Shibu Purushothaman

    While the adult actresses have been known for screening erotic and pornographic content in their videos, the internet was happy to know that these adult film actresses decided to give up on their dirty jobs.

    Contrary to what people actually believe, not all porn stars are in this profession due to the lack of money. Pornstars are paid a hell lot of money for showing their erotic moves and dirty job on the screen.

    Ever wondered how these pornstars live their life on a daily basis? Haven't they ever thought about quitting their jobs?

    Well, living life of a porn star is surely a difficult job. Not only do they struggle with their personal life, but even the society and communities do not accept them with open arms.

    You would be shocked to know that today, pornstars are paid in crores and millions for their jobs. In spite of getting hefty pay cheques, there are a few adult stars who have decided to give up on their jobs.

    Here, we've mentioned to you those pornstars who have bid a goodbye to the porn industry for good. Take a look.


    1. Skin Diamond

    Skin Diamond was one among the famous pornstars who left the industry back in 2016. The adult movie actress decided to split from the industry in order to focus on her music career. She also said that she has excitement for acting and hence would try her hands in the acting industry soon.


    2. Asia Carrera

    It was a shock to know that popular pornstar, Asia Carrera, has bid a goodbye to the adult film industry. According to reports, it is said that Asia left the porn industry back in 2003. She then became a full-time mother to two kids.

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    3. Bree Oslan

    Bree Oslan is another pornstar who bid goodbye to the industry quite earlier. Soon after she quit the industry, she was seen in the Hollywood movie Centipede III. She also takes various freelancing modeling projects.


    4. Giselle Leone

    Giselle Leone is one of the highest paid popular adult actresses who bid goodbye to the adult film industry long back. She started working as a real-estate agent after quitting the industry.


    5. Houston

    Famous and renowned pornstar, Houston quit porn industry back in 2012 and later tried her hands on several acting projects and in the glamorous industry.


    6. Lisa Ann

    According to the reports, it is said that after working in more than 500 adult film movies, Lisa quit the industry in 2014. It was said that she later started a camp in order to help men and women get into the adult film industry. This camp was attended by thousands of young men and women.

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    7. Raylene

    Raylene left the porn industry back in 2001 and started her own real-estate company. After facing some financial problems, she returned back to the industry. However, after a few years, she finally left the industry for good. Current status of Raylene is not known, but she is not a porn actress now.


    8. Sunny Leone

    Sunny Leone, now a popular Bollywood actress left porn industry a few years back. The actress got a warm welcome in Bollywood and today she is one of the most popular actresses in Bollywood. Sunny is now a doting mother and a successful entrepreneur.


    9. Sasha Grey

    After announcing her retirement from the adult film industry, Sasha Grey became a TV actress and has appeared on several TV shows. Sasha was one of the highest paid porn stars of her time.


    10. Mia Khalifa

    Mia Khalifa announced her retirement in 2016. She once said that she has stopped doing porn at 23 and is currently trying her hands on several projects. Known as Mia Callista, Mia Khalifa is best known for her successful porn debut from 2014 to 2015. She is currently the co-host of Complex's Out of Bounds.

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    Story first published: Tuesday, December 5, 2017, 18:04 [IST]
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