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Why Are The Road Markings Yellow Or White In Pattern

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While travelling on the road have you ever wondered what are the different markings on the road, or what do they indicate?

Generally, when you're on the road, the only thing that comes to your mind is about reaching the destination at the earliest.

Paying attention to only signals and zebra crossing is not the only thing that one needs to follow and learn from. There are different patterned lines on the roads, which are either white or yellow in colour that do signify something important.

Here, in this article, we are about to explain the differences between the broken lines on the road that you see to the basic things of what exactly do white and yellow lines indicate on the road.

Find out about these interesting reasons for different patterns of lines present on the roads. Check them out...


Solid White Lines

These solid white lines indicate that you should be in the same lane and that the driver is supposed to stay in the same lane in which he already is in.


Broken White Lines

This is an indication that you can change the lane, only if it is safe. So if you are changing the lane, do watch around for other vehicles first.


One Solid Yellow Line

Passing or overtaking is allowed on these roads that have one solid yellow line. But few states do have a different rule on these roads, i.e., the line is intended for establishing a no overtaking instruction.


Double Solid Yellow Lines

On these roads, passing is just not allowed! So, dude, stick to your lane, unless and until your destination is on the other side!


Broken Yellow Lines

This has the same rule as the broken white lines. One can cross the lane, but with caution.


Solid Yellow Line With A Broken Yellow Line

If you are travelling on the broken yellow line side, then you are allowed to overtake; and if you are on the solid yellow line side, then you cannot.

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