Weird And Crazy Things That Are Banned In Different Countries!

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It is sometimes so funny to hear that a thing which can be legal and authentic can be banned in many countries. Since humans seek freedom to do anything in life, putting a ban on essential things can be quite annoying actually.

For example, the wearing of helmets is good for you while riding a bike and wearing a seat belt is also an authentic thing to do, but what if frowning and dying is banned in some countries?

It seems weird and illogical for us to ban some legal things and it feels as if the freedom has been snatched away from us. However, these petty things that are banned may seem to have a logic behind too.

When we hear these laws for the first time, it seems so weird and crazy. People must be given a free choice to live; but at the same time, there must be laws to prevent any un-called-for incidents.

Some laws are really weird, and you will surely be amused after reading this article. Read on to know more about the weird things that are banned in many countries.


Ban On Frowning In Italy

In Italy (Milan) frowning is banned; so if you visit Italy, make sure you are smiling all the time. You only have to stop smiling at the funerals or when visiting ill people. You may face a fine if you frown!


Chewing Gums Are Banned In Singapore

There is a ban on the purchase and selling of chewing gums in Singapore. You might face a fine if you were found with a chewing gum.


Flip Flops Are Banned In Italy

If you have a sandal that makes noise while walking or a flip flop sandal, avoid wearing them in Capri, an island located in Italy, as you may face a fine again.


No Changing Of Bulbs In Australia

If you live in Victoria, then you have to call an electrician to change your electric bulb at home. If you are not a licensed electrician, you can't change a bulb yourself, as a fine will be imposed on you. Unlike India, where people can work on high-tension wires themselves!


In France Spitting On Road Is Banned

In Coulaines, it is banned to spit on roads, as spitting can spread the deadly swine flu. Since the day swine flu came into existence, the mayor of this small town banned spitting on roads.


Ban On Dying As Well In Spain!

In Andalusian town of Spain, a law was imposed on dying. This means people were banned to die. In the same way, in a Brazilian town of Biritiba-Mirim, it is also illegal to die until the government buy the land and build a new cemetery. This law was imposed, so that people will take care of their health and lessen the burden on the full cemetery.


Gold Fish Aquarium Is Banned In Italy

In Italy, there is a place called Monza where it is banned to keep a goldfish in a bowl at home. This may be attributed to some distorted view of reality of the fish in the bowl.


Kissing Is Banned In A Car In Italy

In Italy (Eboli), it is illegal to kiss your beloved in a moving vehicle, as it may lead to any road accident. If someone is found kissing in a vehicle, he is charged with several hundred dollars.


You Can't Name Your Baby In Denmark

In Denmark, you can't name your baby from your own will or choice, as there is a government-approved list of 7,000 names for babies from which you'd have to select the name of your baby!

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Story first published: Wednesday, February 3, 2016, 9:45 [IST]
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