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11 Weird & Funny Questions People Search On Internet

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People reach out to the Internet to find answers for many questions. This is a good option, as you don't need to ask anyone at times for an answer. Internet has made life more easy and hence has made every other person knowledgeable.

However, overuse of certain things can make them more vulnerable for misuse, and gives a good opportunity to most to play with it for just time pass. Hence, we must use things wisely, so that we don't get overindulged in it.

This will eventually make us dependent on that facility and we can't work without it. Therefore, try to use the Internet moderately and wisely.

In this article, we will share with you some weird and funny things that people search on the internet. This will surely make you laugh and wonder how an advancement in technology can turn weird at times. This will also help you to know the mindset of people and their beliefs.

Read on the article to know some funny weird questions searched on the INTERNET.


How To Fart Loudly?

People do search for farts also, and they have enough of time to spend on their farts! Searching for the details on farts itself can be embarrassing; however, some naughty people search for how to fart loudly in public.


What To Do?

It is crazy for people to search this question when they get bored. They reach out for Google's help in this case. This is completely insane and weird. When one browses the internet, the act itself can keep him/her busy. Guess people have taken Google way too seriously.


How To Have Sex?

This is another weird question mostly searched on the net. Having sex is a natural act and for this you don't need to search anywhere, as it is inbuilt in our human behaviour. Have you ever wondered who teaches animals to have sex?


How To Kill Yourself?

There are people who browse on the Internet to know the methods to kill oneself. Life is precious and you have to value it. If you search for the method, the act itself may become a crime. Thoughts of suicide means you need the help of a psychiatrist and not Google!


How To Give Birth To Baby Boy?

This is medically a correct question, but is a very sexiest and offensive question, as there have been many cases of female foeticide. People should understand that this is a totally wrong thing to search for. We must give equal love and respect to both genders.


How To Kiss?

Agreed that kissing has many types, such as French kiss and may be an Indian kiss. However, we just don't get why one should go into the types. Kissing is a feeling of love and not a mathematics problem that we need to calculate and measure, and then kiss. Enjoy your cute little moments of a kiss and let it be a natural thing.


Why Do I Pee When I Run?

This question is among the most embarrassing questions that is searched on the net. It can occur when the pressure inside the abdomen due to running rises and in turn puts force on the bladder to cause urine leakage. Why wouldn't people understand this simple logic.


Why Do I Have Lot Of Ear Wax

Ear wax is a normal thing, and if it is produced in large quantities, put some drops of diluted hydrogen peroxide in your ear canal. This will help to melt the extra wax and then you can remove it using a cotton bud. See, the solution is as simple as it sounds.


Why So I Have Lot Of Boogers In My Nose

This is due to dry air which triggers the nasal secretion. Irritation of nose also increases the nasal mucous. Put some saline water drops inside the nose, which will not only help in its effective removal but will also treat an infection. Sounds simple, doesn't it?


Why Am I Having Gases

This is another embarrassing question searched on Google. Gases are caused by incomplete digestion of foods and mostly occur due to over eating. Some people get a bloated tummy and gases by certain foods that they must avoid consuming. So, if you don't want to have gas troubles, watch what you eat.

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