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Top 8 Hoaxes About India

Throughout the year, most of us do not feel patriotic unless it is the month of August as that's when every Indian becomes proud about his country and tries to learn about India in a better way.

Here in this article, we are about to share the list of top hoaxes about India, which we sure have heard of. These are the hoaxes that shook the world and spread like wildfire and people actually believed them.

Find out about the Internet hoaxes about India which have fooled you all these years. We bet you would have definitely believed some of these hoaxes as many people claimed that the hoaxes were true.

Be it the hoax about our national anthem or a python eating a drunk man, we have come across all these hoaxes. Find out more...


Three-Headed Snake

This is nothing but sheer photo edit. When you take a closer look at the picture you can see that the head of the python has the same pattern. Though it was a bad editing skill, many people still believed that it was true.


UNESCO Declared India’s National Anthem to Be the Best!!

When this hoax was doing its rounds, people did become emotional and proud about one's country and praised that India is the best and what not. But the fact is, it is just a mere hoax! UNESCO denied that they did such a thing.


Hanumanji's Gadha Was Found

This picture looks so real as the Gadha is real too. There were rumours that Hanuman's Gadha was found in Sri Lanka, while few reported that it was found in Gujarat. Apparently it was a Gadha that was installed in the giant Hanuman statue in Indore.


A Drunken Man Was Swallowed By A Python

"This Python was seen in Attapady, Kerala when it swallowed a drunk Indian man who was sleeping beside the liquor store". This was the exact hoax which scared people. But the fact was the python had eaten a dog or a deer and there was no proof that the picture was from India.


Indian Woman Gives Birth To 11 Babies!!!

The picture is real but the story behind it is wrong. This was a picture that was taken in a hospital where 11 babies were born on the same day i.e; 11.11.11 at the 21st Century Hospital & Test Tube Baby Center in Surat.


Rape Festival In Assam

Social sites were filled with these messages and articles about the rape festival in Assam. But the locals denied of any such happening and the Crime Investigation Department of Assam swung into action and stopped people from spreading these baseless rumours.


India’s Image From Space On Diwali

Every year during Diwali, this image is found all over social sites that claim that the entire nation gets brightened during the festive season. But the actual fact is the image is true, but it was made to show the change in night illumination during the period of 1992-2003 and also to illustrate the growing population of India.


Giant Skeleton Was Excavated

People believed that this giant skeleton was found in India. But the actual truth is that the image was sent by a participant for the image manipulation competition that was sponsored by a website and this image is totally fake.

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