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Things You Need To Know About Your Teeth

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Our body is quite complicated and there are different functionalities for different organs and body parts. The functioning of these parts keeps our body in a healthy condition. Even if some part of our body dysfunctions, then it can only mean that there is trouble ahead.

Here, in this article, we are about to share some of the facts on our teeth. These are the facts that we need to know about, so that we can protect our teeth in a better way.

Everything changes when a person is not able to eat or chew anything due to a pricking toothache or due to tooth decay.

Teeth are very important parts of our body and they help us grind and chew food, thereby helping in the process of digestion.

Dental health is quite important for the ideal functioning of the digestive system. Therefore, find out more about the things that you need to know about your teeth, in this article.


The Secret Of Strong Teeth Is..

Fluoride is the secret behind strong teeth. It has been proven to prevent cavities and reverse the early stages of tooth decay. This is one of the reasons why fluoride is being used in most of the toothpastes and mouthwashes.


Plaque Becomes Tartar When It Hardens

Plaque is formed from bacteria, acid, saliva, and the food that gets stuck on your teeth. One needs to regularly brush their teeth to get rid of the plaque. When plaque is not removed regularly, it becomes tartar, which stains your teeth.


Sugar Rots Your Teeth

A research done in England proves that the only cause for tooth decay is intake of sugar. This is because of the bacteria present in the mouth that uses sugar to create the acid which creates holes in the teeth.


Eating Often Increases The Risk

You need to remember that the more often your food comes in contact with your teeth, the more opportunity it will get to wear down your teeth and deposit bacteria. Thus, increasing the chances of making your teeth weak.


Dry Mouth Makes Your Mouth Stink

Saliva is one of the most gross things to even think of, but it actually helps in breaking down of the food and makes swallowing easy. This helps to keep the mouth moist and avoids a stinking breath as well.


There Is A Right Way To Floss Your Teeth

There is a certain way that you need to floss your teeth. Make a 'C' shape around your teeth with the floss and gently move it up and down around your tooth. Do not be too harsh or you can even cut into your gums.


Brushing Too Vigorously Will Only Do More Damage

One needs to understand that brushing too vigorously can wear down your enamel and make your gums bleed and recede. So, make sure you brush gently without applying a lot of pressure.

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