The Last Wish Of A Cancer Patient!

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We all wish to marry the love of our lives. There is no stone we leave unturned when it comes to fulfilling our dream. But what if your dream gets shattered on one fine morning when you wake up to find out that you have less time left in this world?

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Here is an inspirational story of a man named "Raul Hinojosa" who was suffering from cancer for a long time. Check out his beautiful wife who made his last wish come true!

The Last Wish Of A Cancer Patient!

We bet Raul would have left this earth with a smiling face after his last wish was fulfilled.

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Read on to know more.


He Was Suffering From Leukaemia

He was suffering from chronic lymphocytic leukaemia and was bedridden in a hospital in Amarillo, Texas. He was asked about his last wish, as his condition was getting only worse.


He Wished To Marry His Long-time Girlfriend...

He wished for a wedding with his fiancée Yvonne Lamas. They were in a relationship of 9 years. He said, "I WANT TO MARRY HER, I WANT HER TO BE MINE."


Everybody Joined Hands To Fulfill His Wish

There was hardly any time left to fulfill his dying wish. All his family, friends and the hospital staff worked against all odds to arrange for a quick wedding.


Everybody Who Were Involved Were So Generous!

A cake was baked by the hospital cafeteria and a judge waived the 72-hour waiting period to give them a marriage license. The wedding required a suit and a chaplain and alas, everything was arranged in a short span of time!


He Wanted To Give Her The Best Fairy-Tale Wedding

Everything was perfect for this couple when they had got engaged, after which Raul's health started deteriorating and he was diagnosed with cancer. Hence, the wait was quite long. But seeing it coming true was nothing less than a dream for this family.


Death Was At The Door

After the wedding ceremony, Raul passed away just 36 hours later. This is something that the family members and the rest of them would always like to remember.

Check out his wedding ceremony that was live-streamed on Facebook.


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