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The Girl Who Rejected A Marriage Proposal For Her Pet Dog

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Pets are cute and having them comes with a big responsibility. There are many pet owners who make life decisions based on the impact of having their pets in their lives.

Here, in this article, we are about to share the story of the girl who rejected a wedding proposal, just for her pet dog!

Yeah, that just did happen in Bangalore, where a girl seriously rejected a man's proposal, as he was not willing to adopt her pet after their wedding.

This is something that clearly shows an owner's love for the pet. When a person has a pet, their responsibility increases and these cute little furry animals tend to become a part of your family.

It is just like the way one would take care of their baby, the pet needs the same "CONSTANT" attention too!

So, find out how the girl rejected a wedding proposal to just be sure her pet was safe and happy with her all the time.


He Asked Her Final Decision

The guy was keen on knowing the girl's final decision, but she had decided what she already wanted in her life!


He Was Not Willing To Share His Bed With A Dog!

This was one of the meanest things a frustrated man could tell! Well, how could he even think of telling something so demeaning, REALLY!!


It Didn't Affect Her

She was not ready to budge in to his marriage proposal. After all, her pet has been there in her life for quite sometime now and none could fill in for him!


He Gave Up!

He tried to come up with all possible explanations to make her understand that her pet might not be there with her life long and this decision of marriage is all about her life.


Finally, He Lost It!

After trying to convince her with all possible reasons, this man told her those harsh words, which are just not okay to be heard by any pet lover!

At the end, the girl is having a happy time with her pet dog! That's awesome, way to go, girl!

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Story first published: Wednesday, September 14, 2016, 19:15 [IST]
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