Strange Threats That People Made

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When a mother wishes to teach her child something, she uses some of the most unexpected imaginary threats that the child would believe in. But, what if there are many such "imaginary threats" that people have actually used to scare others with?

Strange Threats That People Made

Here, in this article, we are about to share some of the most strange threats that people have made.

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These are the threats that hardly make any sense, yet it has been considered as a threat and people have got arrested for these unwanted threats.

Check out what are the different strange threats that people have made.


Man Who Lost His Phone Threatened To Jump Off Building

A man in Shijiazhuang, China, was apparently so depressed after he lost his phone that he climbed out onto the ledge of a 25th story window. A rescue team managed to speak with him and push him to safety.


A Man Threatened Employees With The Photo Of A Gun!

A man walked into his local company and threatened to kill everyone, the catch was he was not holding a gun, but a photo of one instead! He showed it around to the staff, who immediately called the police. He was arrested on suspicion of threats to kill but was later released.


Man Threatens To Repossess Ex's Fakes Breasts

A German man who paid for his girlfriend's fake breasts wanted them repossessed because they broke up. He had given the money for implants as long as she promised to stay with him for at least a year. However, she broke up soon after the surgery!


Man Threatens To Sue Restaurant For Not Including Soup

In April of 2016, Our Place Restaurant in Mansfield, Texas, received a letter from a local attorney who said he had a meal at the establishment and was not given the cup of soup promised in their Saturday special. Insane, isn't it?

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