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Indian Foods That Are Adopted!

Indians love food in any form. Be it spicy or rich with various ingredients, it goes down well with us! But, let's give a serious thought on the origin of these foods that we love so much. There are so many popular Indian foods that have been adopted!

From Samosa to Chai, know the actual place of origin from where most of these Indian foods have been adopted. We're sure these foods might not be that popular in their birth place when compared to India.

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So, check out the list of these famous foods of India that are not originally from India...



No way! We had been thinking all this while that chai was actually an Indian beverage! However, it originated in China and was introduced in India by the Britishers. Well, we Indians need to thank them for this noble act of theirs, as we all LOVE CHAI!!


Dal Chawal!

Holy crap! Our entire life has been a lie, as we have been thinking this to be the staple food of Indians, but it originated from Nepal. It was introduced in India through the North Indian influence.



Damn! This is one of the most famous foods across any part of India, but it was introduced in India during the 13th and 14th century by the traders from Middle East. Its original name was "sambosa". How cool is that!


Gulab Jamuns

These tasty calorie-rich balls easily take you to the gates of heaven when they melt in your mouth. Its origination is from the Mediterranean and Persia regions and it was called "luqmat al qadi". Okay, no thanks, we would still call it gulab jamuns!

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Somebody please shoot us! Even this favourite food is not Indian! Its origin is from Central Mexico and Guatemala. Wait! No wonder Mexican chaat and other Mexican delicacies have this common ingredient in them!



This sweet originated in the Middle East and was introduced to the Indian population through the Persian invaders. It was originally called "Zalabiya", just the way few people pronounce "Saadi" instead of "Shaadi". Anyway, we all love relishing it, don't we?


Filter Coffee!

Wait South Indians! Before you take pride in telling the world that coffee is famous in South India, especially filter coffee, know its origin! Coffee seeds were smuggled to India by a certain "Baba Budan" who had been to Mecca for a pilgrimage. Well, Thank you, Sir.

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