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How Different Countries Punish The Rapists

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Rape is something that just goes to show how inhuman some people can get. Giving severe punishment to rapists can help put an end to this shameful practice.

Any act without the consent of a person, be it a man or a woman, is considered a crime that should be punishable.

Here, in this article, we are about to share the details of how different countries punish these demons.

Though the very first thought that we get about these disgusting rapists is to shoot or hang them to death, these criminals are sometimes set free. Ordering a punishment is still not very prevalent in many countries.

Find out more about how different countries punish the rapists.

We're sure you would want the most stringent laws to be enforced to stop this crime in any part of the world and where all the rapists are given the toughest punishments.

Read on to know more.



China straight away punishes the rapist with the order of a death sentence. Nothing better than this, we must say! Apart from the death sentence, some of the rapists are mutilated.



In this country, the rapist is either hanged or shot to death. They hold a belief of giving punishment of death to the culprits.



In this country, the rapists are shot in the head within four days or are hung to death, depending on the court's order.



This is one of the countries where the criminal is not shot or sentenced to death. Instead, they are punished for 15 years of rigorous punishment. This can be extended upto 30 years or a lifetime imprisonment.


North Korea

Here, the victims get an instant justice when the culprit is shot in their head directly or in their vital organs. This kills them instantly.



This is one country that does not have strict laws as compared to other countries. Here, the convict serves a term of 3 to 6 years in jail, which can go up to 10-20 years, in extreme situations.



The rapist is punished with the detainment of 4-15 years. It depends upon the degree of damage done to the victim. Apart from this, any kind of sexual assault without the consent of both is considered as rape.



An Anti Rape Bill was passed in 2013 and that changed the entire rule for rapists in India. They are let free after they serve 14 years in jail and a death penalty is rarest of the rare here, which has allowed the crime rate to go high.

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