5 Acid Attack Victims Who Are Amazing

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When you are born with a beautiful face and it is disfigured by no fault of your own, won't you feel like the whole world is crashing beneath your feet?

Well, for these five beautiful young women they have a different story to tell. Survivors of acid attacks, these five amazing women have really shown the rest of the world what it is to be courageous, strong-willed and powerful.

No doubt, you and I will not be able to really understand the exact pain and torment each of them have been through, but looking at their life today and what they have achieved from it, it is indeed remarkably inspiring.

5 Acid Attack Victims Who Are Amazing In India

This March 8th we celebrate International Women's day, which is one of the best days in the year for us, women, as we are pampered and treated with much love.

However, this March 8th, let us look at these amazing women and be motivated to do the best in our ability as a woman, striving to live a life in a patriarchal society. Take a look at these 5 survivors who've lived to their tale:

Monica Singh

Monica Singh
India is famously known for its "arranged marriages". For some women, there is hope in finding the right man; and for some.....let's leave it at that. In the year 2005, Monica Singh refused a marriage proposal and it resulted in the assault.

At the time of the attack, Monica was only 19 years old. As she was driving home, the assailants threw acid on her, which scarred Monica's face and torso.

Today, Monica is a fashion designer and is studying at the Parson's New School of Design, New York. She underwent 43 surgeries to make her face resemble a little to what it used to be like.

Resham Fatma

Resham Fatma
At a ripe age of 17, Resham was asked for her hand in marriage by a man who threathened her at knife point. Ignoring the proposal, the attacker punished Resham for no fault of her's.

After being attacked, little Resham took an auto to the police station to lodge a complaint before going to the hospital.

For her bravery at such a tender age, she was awarded the Bharat Award by President Pranab Mukherjee in 2015. She is a powerful woman and she aspires to be an IAS Officer some day.


At the age of 15, Rupa was attacked by her step mother, who threw acid on her. Since she was talented in needle work, Rupa discovered her inner strength; and today she runs a boutique at the Sheroes Hangout, a café near Agra's Taj Mahal known as 'Rupa Creations'.

The best thing about this wonderful woman is that she inspires other acid victims too, wherein her boutique is also run by other acid attack survivors.

Laxmi Agarwal

Laxmi Agarwal
Here again is a story of young Laxmi whose face was disfigured by a man who she rejected to marry. Laxmi was only 15 when her attacker threw a beer bottle full of acid on her face.

Today, the 27-year-old is a mother of a bubbly little girl and a wife to a proud man, Alok Dixit. Laxmi who is an amazing woman is the director of Chhanv Foundation, an NGO for acid attack survivors.

Sonali Mukherjee

Sonali Mukherjee
18-year-old Sonali Mukherjee's face was splashed with burning acid in her sleep by a man who she refused to begin a life with.

After the attack, the miscreants were sentenced to nine years in jail, but they never served their full sentence. Today, this acid attack victim is a Grade III officer at the Bokaro deputy commissioner's office, welfare department.

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