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Exotic Local Drinks You Will Find Only In India

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India is known for its beautiful culture and its rich diversity. It is also known for its cuisine and drinks.

In some parts of this beautiful country, you can find local and exotic drinks that will completely blow your mind away.

These amazing drinks are a must taste beverage that you must try at least once in your lifetime. And, though you may have had the choicest of wines, strongest of beers, smoothest of champagnes, your alcoholic journey remains incomplete if you miss out on these exotic Indian local drinks.

Exotic Local Drinks You Will Find Only In India

So, today, take a look at some of these so called national drinks you must taste, every time you pay a visit to India. And, if you are an Indian, don't forget to hunt these drinks down and give it a shot.

Every drop of these amazing and exotic drinks are homemade and natural, unlike the processed ones that have a drastic effect on your body. So, go ahead, read and drink on, cheers:

Xaj: If you happen to pay a visit to Assam, don't forget to fish for rice beer called Xaj. This traditional local drink is served only in traditional brass utensils.


Bhaang: During the festival of Holi, you might have come across a lot of people drinking a white beverage. This is nothing but Bhaang, a famous traditional Indian drink prepared from cannabis leaves, milk, ghee, sugar and other spices.

Chhaang: When the weather gets cold and you want to feel warm and cosy in the Himalayan region, don't forget to indulge in some Chhaang. It is a hot beer made by fermenting millet. An awesome beverage to be had during a cold weather and is local to the Himalayan region.


Toddy: God's own country is famous for this wonderful and exotic local drink called Toddy. It is made by overnight fermentation of the sap of a coconut tree. Though the smell of this drink is uncanny, the taste of this drink is just out of this world.

Kallu: This local drink is quite popular in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. Kallu is prepared by fermenting the sap of palm trees. It's pleasing sugary taste is what draws the attention of many. In Maharashtra, kallu is widely known as Tadi.


Feni: Feni is an alcoholic local beverage made from either cashew-nut or coconut. It's a country liquor indigenous to Goa.


Handia: If you happen to visit Bihar, Jharkhand, Orissa, Madhya Pradesh or Chhattisgarh, you should make it a point to sip on some fine Handia. This exotic and local drink is prepared from ranu tablets (combination of about 20-25 herbs). It is also known as rice beer.

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