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Cruelest Confessions Of What People Did To Their Ex

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The amount of love that you have for your partner would be immense and quite over the board. But, when the same person cheats on you things can get quite nasty around. At least, you'd want to make it nasty!

Be it a reason for cheating or giving an excuse of love fading away. When you see your world crumble down, it does ignite a devil inside you where you would want to harm your "good-for-nothing" ex either in a physical or an emotional way.

In this article, we are here to share some of the cruellest things that people have done in the past to their "X-es" to settle scores with them. Read on and find out about the rudest things that people have done when they were cheated on.


“Sent T-shirts Back In Shreds”

Girl: "When my ex chose to leave the house, he mailed me asking for his expensive t-shirts that were still lying in the house. All that I did was tore them to shreds, neatly packed and couriered back to him. AHH! That was such a relief".


“Got Him Divorced And Dumped Him”

Girl: "We had a nasty breakup and after a few years when we met, things ignited between us and we had a short affair, where I convinced him to dump his wife and a kid for me. He did it and the very next moment, I dumped him".


“Facebook Revenge”

Boy: "When I found out that my girlfriend was cheating, I wrote an explicit status on her wall and changed her password. Loved it every time she begged me asking for the password."


“Slapped Him In A Conference”

Girl: "I do not regret for slapping my boyfriend in a conference, where he was giving his presentation. Did it as I tested positive for the pregnancy and he never answered my call after finding it out."


“Sent His Recording To His Parents”

Girl: "I was so done with this guy who abused me for every single thing that I did. Finally, when I dumped him, I sent his voice recording to his parents with "#Great upbringing". "I heard he was sent out of the house after that. Bad but yet no regrets".


“Took Her To A Concert And Left Her”

Boy: "We had booked the tickets for the concert even before the breakup. Took her there and excused myself to take a drink and left from the venue. I guess she got the message".


“Got His New Girl At The Same Spot”

Girl: "I knew he was cheating on me, checked the profile of his new girl and we decided to meet at a common point, where he was out on a date with me. Damn, the expression he had when he saw both of his girlfriends sitting at the same table was just mind blowing. Loved every bit when he came up with lame excuses of convincing both of us".

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