Crazy Stories About Farting

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Farting is a natural process and all living beings must do the needful to expel harmful gases from the body. Be it the animals or humans, all do it and there is no denial for this. Here, in this article, we are about to share some of the most bizarre stories about farting.

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These are the true cases that have happened. From people farting in funny situations to those getting burnt by their own fart, to even people stabbing a partner because they'd just farted, these incidents can make you laugh or be shocked.

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so, find out what happened when people farted intentionally and made things worse. Read all these bizarre stories about farting, below.


The Woman Who Caught Fire After Farting During A Surgery

A female patient in her 30s suffered from severe burns during a surgical procedure performed in a hospital. According to the reports, the doctors have been using a laser near the woman's cervix when she let out a fart. This instantly ignited the gas that she had released and it caused a fire. In a short span, the fire engulfed the woman's body, particularly her waist and legs.


A Soccer Player Who Was Sent Off For Farting

This is a totally embarrassing situation in which a Swedish footballer was sent off the field for farting during a match. The referee had accused him of "deliberate provocation" and "unsportsmanlike behavior."


The Woman Who Farted Through Her Vagina

An unknown woman had been in the hospital to have a carcinoma removed from her colon. Sadly, the operation did not go as planned, as the doctors had made a grave mistake where she ended up farting from her vagina! An x-ray report showed that her colon and her vagina were indeed tied together. The worst part was that her carcinoma was still there. The hospital was penalised for this and they had to pay a huge amount in penalty.


The Man Who Farted In Revenge

A couple had decided to make love, but the woman backed out at the last moment. They had an argument and the man left in a huff. Trying to be the mean man, he let a big one rip before he exited the apartment. The woman found the smell of the fart disturbing and hence had filed a case against the man.

The Cafe Owner Was Being A Real Thug!

This is totally hilarious! This cafe owner was impatiently sitting in his office and waiting for the customers to leave at the closing time. Since they weren't leaving, this wicked owner sneaked into the room before dropping his pants down and started farting right under the customers' noses. In no time, his cafe got cleared! Pheewww!!


The Woman Who Stabbed Her Boyfriend

A woman from Florida was having an argument with her boyfriend. Since they were drunk, the man farted on the woman's head. She confronted him, and in return, he threw a knife at her and it missed. The woman got furious and threw the knife back and hit her target. He was stabbed in his stomach. Luckily, he was saved, as cops arrived at the scene and the woman was arrested.

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