As An Indian Know These Facts About The Indian Constitution

By: Debdatta Mazumder
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Every year, on the 15th of August and 26th of January, every Indian proudly celebrates the Independence Day and the Republic Day. But, how many of you know the true meaning of these days?

If the first one is to celebrate the glorious past, the second one is for celebrating the present and the future prospect of this country.

So, what is the significance of 26th January?

It is the day when the Constitution of India came into existence. After Independence, the leaders and high officials realised the need of a guideline to make India prosper in the world arena.

The Indian Constitution is the result of this thought.

There are more than 5 interesting facts about Indian Constitution. While celebrating the Republic Day this year, if you know these interesting facts about the Indian Constitution, you’ll get to know more why this day is so precious to all Indians.

In the year 1950, the Indian Constitution came into being on 26th of January. Dr. B.R. Ambedkar was the pioneer of setting up this.

It is the Indian Constitution that is based on the fact of humanism and talks about a sovereign, secular and socialist country.

There are lots of other interesting facts about the Indian Constitution. If you go through a few of them, you’ll be more proud of being an Indian.

So, have a look:


1.The Guiding Path:

This will take top place among the 7 interesting facts about the Indian Constitution. The largest constitution definitely needed a proper guideline to come into existence.

It was the Objectives Resolution, moved by the first Indian Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru in the year 1946 on 13th of December.


2.The Constituent Assembly:

A Constituent Assembly was formed with 284 members who signed the world's largest handwritten Constitution in the year 1950, on 24th of January. After two days, it came into being.


3.The Architect Of Constitution:

What are the other interesting facts about the Indian Constitution? Dr. B.R. Ambedkar was the architect of the Indian Constitution, who was responsible for making such a wide-written document including the freedom of religion.

He also included sections related to the abolition of brutal rituals like untouchability.


4.The Good Sign:

On the day of signing the Indian Constitution, it was raining outside. There were many people who considered it as a good omen, which would make the country prosperous.

If you're looking for 7 interesting facts about Indian Constitution, this will amaze you.


5.The Borrowed Constitution:

The good features of this Constitution are mainly borrowed from other countries.

For example, the concept of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity is taken from the French Constitution, the Directive Principles from Ireland, the 5-Year Plans from the USSR, and many more things.


6.The National Emblem:

There are numerous interesting facts about the Indian Constitution that you may not know.

Did you know that the national emblem, the Sarnath Lion Capital of Ashoka with the bull, wheel and horse, was adapted by the then Government on 26th of January, 1950?


7.The Amendments:

To conclude the list of interesting facts about the Indian Constitution, there is nothing best than this one. In 64 years, the Indian Constitution has been regarded as one of the best Constitutions of the world while it has only faced 94 amendments.

So, on this eve of 26th January, 2016, these facts will definitely give you a chance to boast about being an Indian and remind you of the glorious past of this country to inspire you in making the future of this country brighter. Jai Hind!

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