Why Indians Have Fallen In Love With Junk Food?

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Do you know what interests an Indian when it comes to food? It's junk! Yes, junk food is every Indian's favourite food, no matter what. Junk food is rich in calories, in carbs and fat. It lacks the basic ingredients which can make you healthy.

Now, even though 90 percent of Indians are aware of this fact about junk food, they still consume it since it is a faster and easier choice. According to a recent survey, junk food is a necessity for lazy folks who don't want to cook a fresh healthy meal at home.


The consumption of junk food on a regular basis leads to obesity, heart diseases, cholesterol, diabetes and many more health issues. The ingredients that are present in junk food are so harmful to the body, that regular consumption of cheesy burgers, oversized pizza and juicy lasagnas can be fatal.

Being aware of all these facts about junk food, Indians still order such foods.This made us think and wonder what could be so special about this American cuisine. Boldsky has listed out the reasons why Indians have fallen in love with junk food. You might want to take a look at the shocking and the silliest reasons:


It Suits The Lazy Generation

Today's generation is lazy. No one wants to head to the market, purchase veggies and cook. Junk food is faster and it is available over the counter.


It Is Not Time Consuming

As mentioned, junk food is not at all time consuming. It is readily available, and all you need to do is stand in a queue and order what your tummy wants.


The Advertisements Are In Your Face

One of the main reasons why Indians have fallen in love with junk food is the striking advertisements. The welcoming ads make us cripple when it comes to junk food.


Taste Makes The Tummy Happy

The ingredients that are present in junk food are amazing! They enhance the taste and make you want to eat more than you can stomach. This is one of the other reasons why Indians are in love with junk food.


Quantity Matters

The quantity which is provided in each of the meals is outstanding. And what is more exciting is the complementary aerated drink!


Time For A Change

Most conservative Indians are restricted from eating outside food. But, when they get the chance to dine at a junk food restaurant, the mouth never stops moving.


Easy Facilities

Today, restaurants that serve junk food have a wide range of facilities, one being - home delivery. So, if you are lazy to head out to eat, all you need to do is order in!

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