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What Your Mom Never Told You About Men!!

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Men and women are alike on some levels but different on a lot of other levels. Women are an enigma to men but men aren't a big secret to crack.

7 Lies That Men Tell

If you have been in a relationship already, you might know quite a lot about how your man behaves and thinks. Go through the facts given here and have a good laugh.

What Men Want In Girlfriend (Not Wife)

In this post, let us discuss about some funny facts about men.


Fact #1

Between a chocolate and a kiss, some women choose chocolate. Likewise, between a romantic conversation and a beer, men would choose a beer!


Fact #2

Nearly 99% of the men can't recognise a fake orgasm. So, when you are faking, it he is busy feeling proud of himself.


Fact #3

Almost 87% of the men fall for flattery when it comes from women. They get ready to do any help in order to feel manly.


Fact #4

Just like women, even men tend to undergo something similar to the monthly cycle which alters their moods and causes anxiety and irritation.


Fact #5

An average man visualises all his female colleagues without clothes inside his mind! This is one of the shocking facts about men.


Fact #6

Organising his room is rocket science to him. So, he never manages to succeed in it.


Fact #7

Men would love to go to the battlefield and die like a hero rather than accompany you to the shopping mall!


Fact #8

For men, gadgets and cars are like superpowers as they boost their ego. This is one of the funny facts about men.


Fact #9

If you smell stinky socks, it means you just entered his territory that is, his room! This is one of the funny facts about men.


Fact #10

Nearly 52% of the men in a recent survey openly said that they are okay even if their girlfriends are attracted to ‘women'.

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Story first published: Tuesday, September 15, 2015, 6:02 [IST]
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