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7 Lies That Men Tell

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Both men and women tell lies but this post focuses on the ones told by men. It is perfectly human to tell lies. When we are scared of revealing something about us, we tend to lie.

When it comes to the lies men tell, most of them are the ones that are related to his pride and maybe men want to project themselves in a better way.

Sometimes, the lies of a man may also revolve around the fidelity factor too. This is why women tend to wonder why men cheat.

Well, putting that aside, let us discuss about the general lies that men tell.


About Salary

Men take their pride too seriously when someone asks them about their earnings. Some men generally blow up the figures.


About Ex-Girlfreind

Some men try to hide their past secret affairs and they tell lies to their wives. When they get caught, things generally get awkward.



In front of their friends, some men tend to lie a lot about their achievements just to feel proud.


Family Background

Some men feel like projecting their background as rich and cultured. They also try to hide the ugly side of their past if any. Therefore, they may lie about their families too.



It seems almost every man would tell a lie when asked about his size. This is one of the facts about men that may surprise you. They feel great about their size.


Their Failure

Of course, it is embarrassing to fail in bed and when that happens, a man would tell a lie to his friends about his bed life.


About Pain

Some men would like to feel manly. They hide their pain. Even if something pains them, they would like to project themselves as tough; so they lie.

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Story first published: Saturday, September 12, 2015, 4:06 [IST]
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