Weird, But Useful Shoe Hacks That Work Miracles!

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Shoooooooooess!!!!! It is a woman's first and last love. There are a million women in the world who would do anything to wear those fancy looking shoes, a pair that creates a new look, a pair that snuggles our feet and throws out a great look and a pair of shoes we love with every single cell in the body.


Women adore shoes and in any pattern, any colours and of course any height. Today, Boldsky shares with some of the great shoe hacks you can try out which may seem weird at first, but they are indeed very helpful.

These shoe hacks will work for you only if your follow it religiously. So, what are you waiting for, take a look at some of the best, weird and useful shoe hacks that work for both men and women:


Shut Up Squeaky Shoes

Did you know you can shut those squeaky shoes with the help of baby powder. Just drizzle a little powder in your shoes to stop the squeakiness.


Tight Shoes!!!!

If your favourite pair of boots are too tight to wear on, all you need to do is stretch them out by placing newspapers at the ankles and spraying a little deodrant.


Waterproof Your Shoes

Have you tried this awesome and weird shoe hack to make your cloth shoes waterproof. All you need to do is rub beeswax over the shoes and voila, you've got monsoon shoes.


Have A Tea Party

If your shoes stink like crazy after a long day and is taking a long time to ward off, try this simple shoe hack. Place tea bags in your shoes to remove the bad odour at once!


Sawdust Your Soles

Rub the bottom soles with sandpaper to make it less slippery. Have you ever tried this weird shoe hack lately?


Pointed Heels Tip

Tape the second and the third toe together to avoid pain while wearing high heels. Ladies, here is one useful shoe hack to try out over the weekend.


Blister Problems?

You cn now say good-bye to shoe blisters by massaging or rubbing the heels of your foot with clean gel roll on. If you've haven't tried this weird shoe hack with your new shoes, now is the time.


Douse Them With Alcohol

If your shoes are stubborn and not willing to stretch out to suit your feet, you can simply try out this shoe hack. Douse the lining of the shoe with alcohol and wear on socks. This weird trick will work wonders.

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Story first published: Friday, September 11, 2015, 17:06 [IST]
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