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Independence Day 2020: 10 Ways To Celebrate This Special Day In The Best Possible Manner

By Debdatta mazumbder

With the proclamation of the first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru, the great country India awoke at the dawn of the first Independent day on 15th August, 1947. This year people are going to celebrate the 74th anniversary of Independence Day.

Though Indians can never forget the turmoil and turbulence through which they got their independence from the oppressive British rule, this day reminds them more about that era. To be precise, it is the day when every Indian shows their gratitude to the martyrs because of whom they can breathe in a free country.

Fun Activities For Families This Independence Day

As the day is so special, one can never fail to imagine how special the celebration would be. So, mentioning only 10 ways to celebrate Independence Day 2020 is very little to mention. There are different ways to celebrate Independence Day in India. Every state has its own style.

If Delhi celebrates it with the speeches of the Prime Minister and parades, the southern states show their own colours of independence. People, whether a student or an eminent person, have their own way of celebrating Independence Day.

Decor Ideas For Independence Day

So, what are the 10 ways to celebrate Independence Day 2020? Such celebrations cannot be restricted within the boundaries of a country. So, here are different ways to celebrate Independence Day in India-


Attending Parade

Do you live in the capital city of the country? Then you don't need to search for 10 ways to celebrate Independence Day 2015. What a glorious celebration it is! If have never attended it, try it this year.


School Functions

If you are a student, you are probably busy at rehearsals for the function that will be held on the Independence Day. The flag hoisting programme followed by patriotic songs, dance, and dramas- every student waits for the day to come up with something new.



At Childhood- You must have participated in such fun programmes when you were a kid. This year you can organize this in your local ground and ask the children to participate. This can be one of the different ways to celebrate Independence Day.


Flag Hoisting Programme At Your Apartment

Do you celebrate in a large scale every year? If not, take the initiative and make this happen. You can ask any elderly person to give a speech, distribute sweets and chocolates among kids and have fun.


Go To An Orphanage Or Old Age Home

What better thing can you do when you think of 10 ways to celebrate Independence Day 2015? How about spreading happiness to the unprivilaged? Go to an orphanage or old age home, have a lunch with them, distribute essential things.


Organize Tree Plantation Programme

What about sharing your freedom with the nature? You can contribute something to the Mother Nature by planting some trees with your friends and neighbour.


Sit And Draw Competition

You can arrange it or take your kid to such kind of competitions. They will love to play with the colours and create something on their own. You can also take part in face painting or rangoli competition.


Cultural Activities

In schools and colleges, such activities are common. But you can make it happen this year at your neighbourhood. Not only the function but the preparation is also very interesting. This can be one of the10 ways to celebrate Independence Day 2015.


Organize A Parade

What if you can't attend the grand celebration at Delhi? You can organize a parade at your locality. Arrange the children and their parents will surely come. Start at the dawn and sing the patriotic songs. What a beautiful idea it will be!


A Family Lunch Or Dinner

Do your close people complain about not being able to spend time together? This year, youhave a weekend to spend time with your friend and family. Take them to a lunch or dinner and surprise them.