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Independence Day 2020: Ideas To Elevate Your Home Decor On This Special Day


Independence Day in India needs no introduction. The nation which is known across the globe for its diversity and togetherness celebrates this day with absolute zeal and fervour. But, apart from the excitement, some of us do like to decorate our house with tri-colour fag and a special theme.

In case you are out of ideas, here are few simple and smart ideas that you can incorporate to change the look of your house. This year, in 2020, August 15 marks India's 74th Independence Day.

The best things about these decor ideas are that they are budget-friendly and affordable. You can decorate your home under budget and keep it updated for the occasion. Simple decor items like the bright colourful cushions, printed books, chairs, wooden furniture, lanterns, bright curtains and crockery can be used to decorate your house for Independence day.

If you want to bring the tricolour into your home decor, try these ideas for the Independence day. These decor items can help decorate the home for the occasion. You do not need to spend much time arranging and then removing them. You can use flags too for decorating the house and bring the feel of freedom! Here are the simple decor ideas for Independence day decorations.

Home Decor Ideas For Independence Day:


Bed Sheet

Put a new bed sheet which has bright and colourful prints. Floral printed tricolour bed sheet will do wonders.


Chairs & Books

You can also decorate your study or living room by decorating the study table with colourful books and a chair like this.



How about adding some Indian touch to the crockery? Decorate your dining table with the tricolour.



Saffron orange is one of the tricolours seen on the Indian flag. Use this coloured curtains to decorate your home this independence day.



Colourful cushions in bright colours like blue, orange, white and red can add a spark to your living room decor.


Jute Furniture

Jute furniture can bring a traditional touch to your home. You can decorate your balcony or terrace with jute furniture like sofa and chairs.



Colourful lanterns can brighten up your outdoor space. Both day and evening look can change the view of the outdoor area.



Abstract paintings can add some decor to the dull walls. You can decorate your living room with some bright colour paintings.



Green plants can anytime look good in the house. Apart from adding colours, they look lively too! So, you can decorate the house with some indoor plants.



How about decorating your bathroom with some colourful hand towels? Colours like orange and white can be used to bring the special effect.