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Strange Christmas Facts You Need To Know


Christmas is that time of the year which we all look forward too. It is not only about the candies, the treats, the turkey and the sweets. Christmas is a time when you get to spend the holidays with family and friends.

Every year, during this holiday season, people introduce a handful of strange Christmas facts that we end up in believing. This year for Christmas 2015, it is said that the United States of America has come to a conclusion behind the real meaning of the candy cane.

According to recent reports, the Christmas candy cane was invented to keep noisy kids quite. Shocked? If you read on, you will see more of these astonishing and strange Christmas facts, which will surely blow your mind away. So, what are you waiting for?

Take a look at the recent Christmas facts that are said to rock this festive season. It is that time of the year to share cheer and love, take a peek:

Christmas Candies

Did you know that the Christmas candies were made in order to scare little children? The candy canes were invented in 1670, when the choirmaster of the Cologne Cathedral commissioned candies shaped like a shepherd's crook, so that they could be handed out to children attending the church's crèche scene, in order to keep them quiet.

Christmas Plum Cake

Plum cake is everyone's favourite at this time of the year. Originally, there was a porridge, the origins of which go back to the beginnings of Christianity. Then there was a fine cake made with the finest milled wheat flour, which was baked only in the Great Houses, as not many people had ovens back in the 14th century. Gradually, over the years, people began to put spices, dried fruits, honey etc, in the porridge to make it a special dish for Christmas, thus turning it to a famous Christmas plum cake.

Christmas Fruit Cake

It is said that the Christmas fruit cake is a specialty and a must-have dish for Christians to store right till the end of the year. According to the Christmas facts, the fruit cake is intended to be baked at the end of the harvest season and saved to be eaten at the beginning of the harvest season the following year, for good luck.

Christmas Turkey

The Christmas turkey should be a must-have dish on a dining table. There is a strange Christmas fact behind the turkey and it goes like this, Henry VIII had turkey for Christmas in the sixteenth century that it became the norm which passed on over the years.

Christmas Dinner

Every year, dining tables are loaded with Christmas goodies. Health experts state that Christmas dinners contain more than 7000 calories, which means that this is the time of the year people indulge in high-calorie foods that aid in weight gain. Therefore, it is necessary to follow a simple diet this Christmas 2015, in order to stay healthy and fit.

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