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Perks Of Partying At Home On A Friday Night

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Partying at home is a lot more easier than partying in a club or a bar. How many of you agree? Party animals who love to sway to heavy music till sunrise will automatically agree to a house party rather than a disc or a club.

Especially in India, where the party cut-off seems to be a problem, most of the youngsters prefer to let loose under a residential roof on the outskirts.

Perks Of Partying At Home | Partying At Home On A Friday Night | House Parties Are Better

We asked a couple of people where they would head this Friday night if given an option of expensive cum dress code party or a house party, and surprisingly most of them picked the latter.

Here are some of the reasons these youngsters gave us for opting a house party, you will be amazed and want to head to one too!

Take a look at why you should go for a house party tonight:

No Time Limit - Partying at home has one major advantage - no bouncers pouncing on your neck asking you to leave the premises.

Booze Is Cheaper

Booze Is Cheaper - When it comes to a house party, it is obvious that the booze available is relatively cheaper. Therefore, this is one of the many perks of partying at home on a Friday night.

No Wardrobe Rules - When attending a house party you don't have to dress up in your fancy attire or wear a suit or a jacket. Wear something that is comfortable enough so that you are able to indulge on those mighty snacks and drinks.

You Can Do The Crazy Dance

You Can Do The Crazy Dance - When you party out, there is always a worry of who is looking at you. But, when you party at home you can simply do the crazy dance and just not care!

Selfies In Any Form

Selfies In Any Form - Ever since the selfie trend began, people have gone gaga over it. One of the perks of partying at home is that you can go camera-selfie-crazy, since your amidst your own type of people.

Minus Budget Issues.....- Do you remember the amount of money you and your friends spent the last time you all went to a high funda club? Well, I'm sure it put a hole in your pocket. This is the reason why house parties are simply the best as you have a fixed budget and will only operate around that amount.

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Story first published: Friday, September 18, 2015, 16:35 [IST]
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