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9 Things That Make A Person Unhappy

By Irrm Majid

We all feel low and down at times but quickly the positive aspect of our brain comes to our rescue. This is the proof that a person can't live with unhappiness, regrets, anger and envy for a long period of time. These factors can be devastating and can act as a slow poison in our lives.

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Humans are created to be happy and enjoy each phase of life without regrets by nature. However, some people invite sadness and limit their lives with their negative thoughts. When a baby is born, no one teaches him/her to smile or laugh, but he/she chooses to laugh and in the same way he/she cries according to his/her wish.

Hence, being happy is not a learned or trained response for humans. A person who is unhappy chooses to only cry and regret, he/she never looks at the brighter side of life. Being unhappy is a greatest curse for humans and there are certain reasons why a person may feel this way.

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People are responsible for their actions and for being unhappy too. However, we must try to avoid the things that make us unhappy.

Here is a list of things that make a person unhappy or the things that a unhappy person would do. Have a look.


Feel Discomfort At All Costs

Unhappy people fail to realise that compromises and a bit of discomfort are a part and parcel of life. Life can be smooth like an icecream and at the same time it can be tough like a coconut. There is a balance between them and we have to maintain the same. A person who disagrees with the fact will never be happy but will always lament about the discomfort to others. We must learn to enjoy the tough part of life also.


They Don’t Play

Sometimes doing crazy things, simply sitting and a bit of time waste is a must. However, unhappy people may never feel the same and might not waste a second on healing themselves. Playing, enjoying with kids and wasting time with friends once a while makes you more productive and heals you.


Thinking, Saying And Doing Negative Things

People with narrowed thinking may have limited thoughts to a certain extent. Whenever they have a problem, instead of solving it, they might complicate it by thinking negative. They will never work for the solution of the problem but will simply complain about it. This makes them more depressed.



These people are a complaining lot. They have problem with the weather being too windy, sunny or rainy. They may have a cribbing session for each thing they come across. The things that are out of our control also bothers them and they fail to understand that it is not in our hands. This makes their mind a dust bin or simply a complaint box. They can't think creative but keep sulking for any small issue.


Choosing The Easy Way Out

Out of the two ways, most people will choose the easy way out. This is alright sometimes, but remember, the easy ways are not always rewarding as the difficult ones. It may take a toll on your patience to walk on the difficult path but the rewards are unending. Your struggle is worth and at the end you will be happy and satisfied. However, people who are unhappy fail to understand this.


Acting Before Thinking

Unhappy people are always impulsive and have an immediate reaction for the things they feel good or bad about.
They don't give enough time to themselves to think and analyse the situation. Happy people take a pause before reacting to any situation. This prevents them from regretting later for their behaviour.


Blaming And Criticising

Unhappy people are always complaining and they blame others for their faults. They also like to criticise others. Doing this usually gives them relief for the time being; however, in the longer run, they remain to be the most unhappy souls.


Bring Others Down To Their Level

Unhappy people always feel jealous seeing others happy and successful.
Than getting motivated from such successful people, they indulge in talking bad about them and waste their energy in doing so. If they would cultivate the time analysing themselves and knowing their loopholes then they would have been happy and contended.


They Talk Much More Than They Listen

Unhappy people are not flexible. They believe what they think is right and this leads them to more depression. They live in their own world of negative thoughts and believe that they can never be wrong. However, they forget that "to err is human" and unless we listen to the thoughts and ideas given by others, we can't correct ourselves.

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