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6 Reasons Why We All Love Pani Puri

By Anirudh Narayanan

Pani puri is a popular street food available all over India. Consisting of a mostly round hollow puri, which is fried in oil for a crispy after effect, it is filled with a mixture of aaloo (potato), pyaaz (onion) and a spicy-tangy flavoured water. The taste it produces arouses every taste bud in the mouth. Its aftereffect, though shortlived, is like heaven with a twist while it lasts. There are some signs that you love pani puri. We will discuss that in this article.

Also called golgappas, the pani puri fits right into your mouth and the puri explodes [well, not literally!] inside, making you gulp the flavoured water and eat the mixture at the same time. Not too much into spice? You can always ask the pani puriwala to add more sweet to the mixture.

Loved by the young and appreciated by the old as well, pani puri continues to bring a smile on millions of faces. And it acts as a perfect appetiser before a meal.

So read on and find out if you agree as to why we all just love our pani puri.

Teekha, Khatta, Meetha (It's Spicy, Tangy and Sweet)

One of the major reasons to love pani puri is its tangy, spicy and at the same time sweet taste. The blend of these various flavours gives it a magical twisted taste and you just can't have enough of these little devils. The best part is that you can specify how sweet, sour or spicy your pani puri should be!

Har raste pe mil jaati hai (You get it at every nook and corner)

Most of the time you don't have to go in search for that elusive pani puri, as a pani puriwala will be available at the end of every street. And you probably know him by his name! The easy availability makes it a much loved food among food enthusiasts. Also, there are some important pani puri benefits.

Pani puri wala is a friend

You have your share of pani puri every evening from the same vendor who knows how you love it without even having to spell it out for him. And in due course, you share a strange rapport with him which is as good as any of your other friends. Another reason for loving pani puri is the pani puriwala himself. In this busy world, he listens to you and makes you those breathtaking pani puris as well. This is one of the signs that you love pani puri.

"Kaise banana hai hum batayange (We will tell you how it should be done!)"

The international burger joints realised this late but we Indians love to put a finger on what we eat and in pretty accurate quantities. Another reason for loving pani puri is the power that comes with it, the power of specification. You can tell the pani puriwala exactly how sweet or sour or fiery it should be. This is one of the signs that you love pani puri.

The pani is just irresistible

Unhygienic? Don't ever say that to a true pani puri lover, unless you wanna get punched in the face! The pani is what differentiates pani puri from the rest of the chats. It is tangy, spicy and deliciously mouth-watering. We bet you don't let go off that extra pani for no reason whatsoever. It shows you are one of the pani puri lovers.

Dus rupaiye me bhi mil jaati hai (You can get it in Rs 10)

Quiet possibly the best part of a pani puri is its cost. It is cheap but the returns are quite a mouthful. The aaloo and the pyaaz make it all the more better. Even with 10 rupees, you can buy a plate and if the pani puriwala is a friend, you probably can even keep a monthly tab! Please do pay them though, after all they do provide you with those mouth-savoury pani puris.

Image Courtesy: Twitter

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