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Why You Must Go To Your College Reunions


College reunion is meeting old friends and college mates. It is a time when you get to live your college days again. College reunions are very special though some avoid going to reunions. They wonder why to go to college reunions. Living the old days and meeting people from the past is not fascinating for all.

In this article we will discuss a few reasons for the question why go to college reunion. College reunions should be the last thing one should miss, so for all the people who do have any good reason for attending the college reunion, read the article further. The following reasons may actually inspire you to go to your college reunion.

Meet old friends - The most important answer for why go to college reunion is that you could meet your old buddies. You might be in touch with some, but you definitely want to know who is up to what in their life. It will be a great experience to know your friends, their professional achievements and their personal progress. In case you are single, you might even bump into your college crush and things which did not happen then may happen now. Do not miss this opportunity to reconnect with old pals.

Cherish the old memories - College reunion is nothing but a time when you get to cherish your old memories. Isn't it special to visit the old library again where you studied with your friends or sit in the cafeteria with your buddies again or see the college parking where you first kissed your girlfriend. College reunion makes one relive all the old moments and cherish them with old friends and mates.

Know the college - There must be a lot of changes in the college structure and educational pattern since you graduated. College reunion can be a good way to know and understand all the developments your college has made. You will be updated on the latest trends in your college. This will be one moment you will be proud of being graduated from your college. This is why go to college reunions.

Professional Networking - College reunions are a good way to network with people in your field. You might get benefited in your business and can go for a good and free marketing. If you are doing a job, you may get to know of some good openings in one of the companies your college mates are working. You get to know a lot of the current status of the industry through college reunions.

A good break - College reunions can be a much needed break from the hectic normal schedule. Life after college becomes monotonous with a job and a family. College reunions can help you get out of the routine and break free for some time. It is a good chance of travelling and staying with your old friends. This is why go to college reunions.

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Story first published: Saturday, March 1, 2014, 18:02 [IST]
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