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Weird Things That Happen Only In India

By Pooja Kaushal

India is a unique country which takes pride in its diversity. There is a diversity of cultures, religions, regions, weathers, seasons, languages, dialects and among the citizens themselves. In spite of these diversities there is an Indian spirit running across the country that gives every citizen an Indian heart.

The essence of being Indian goes beyond varied cultures. One can find this spirit underlying in all those funny things that happen only in India. Every country has a way of living. India can be said to be a rather large country geographically yet the many things that can happen only in India reminds us that we belong to the same country.

Weird Things That Happen Only In India

There are numerous occasions when we have seen a photo or video of a particular incident or occasion and cannot refrain ourselves from exclaiming that these are funny things that happen only in India.’ Listed below are some such instances where every Indian will be able to relate to. As for an outsider these will be remembered as funny things that happen only in India.

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Local train travel: For every visitor to Mumbai the local train is a must to see, even better to ride one. In photographs we often find local train travelers hanging out of train doors giving the impression of an overly crowded compartment. It is true that at peak hours the trains are packed but those used to hanging out always do so, even when there is ample seating place. The reason for this is to get fresh air.

Vehicle top travel: Be it a bus or a train, travelling on the roof is one of the funny things that happen only in India. Some find this to be funny while for others it could be a risky and dangerous feat. No matter what it truly is very inherent to India.

Truck messages: How many a times have you travelled on a national highway? While doing so you will be sure to notice a large number of trucks commuting. Take a look at the rear side of the truck and what is you see will be one of the things that can happen only in India. Each one will have a different message. There could be poems, limericks or a simple request to honk the horn.

Live fish cure: Asthma is a disease that plagues many. There is no sure-shot complete cure yet in the form of medicine. However, if you happen to be in India and are daring enough to swallow a live fish you could find your condition to change for the better, so it is believed by many. For over a century now a family in Andhra Pradesh has been administering medicine in the form of fish to many asthma patients.

Deity photos: There can be nothing worse defacing walls than urine and pan juice. Many people in India fail to realize this and spit or urinate at public places. In order to prevent people from doing so many such walls are painted with photos of deities. The thought of spitting at a deity refrains people from defacing walls.

Footwear protection: Temple gates in India are flooded with footwear. While some temples have a system in place to place footwear some do not. The idea of losing one’s pair of slippers and shoes is often a prime concern and hence people resort to funny ways to protect them. Such are funny things that happen only in India. Slippers will be chained to pillar, put under lock and key along with a bicycle or carefully hidden under a bush.

As a citizen of India you will pride the glory of the nation and at the same time find it amusing to discover the funny things that happen only in India. As an outsider they simple become a picture of the country they have visited.

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