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6 Famous Ghosts Of The World

Do you believe that ghosts exists? If yes, you might find this to be an interesting read. It is believed that there are more than a million wandering spirits who roam this earth and only a handful of them have shown themselves. Whether you believe in ghosts or not, these wandering ghosts have scared the daylights out of many people.

These famous ghosts of the world that wander have some reason behind their appearances. Perhaps they want the world to know their history or they simply want to live amongst us. Whatever the reason for their ghostly presence on earth, these six famous ghosts of the world that wander are well known in the areas they once lived in. According to sources, it is also believed that these six famous ghosts who have been sighted will never leave the earth until they get what they want. It is believed that these ghosts are here with a purpose and will not leave until it is fulfilled.

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If this still interests you, why don't you take a look at these six famous ghosts of the world that wander. Do not forget to see that your surrounding is clear and your candles are lit, cause you might find one of these famous ghosts sitting beside you reading along.


Abraham Lincoln

The president Abraham Lincoln has been noticed a lot of times in the White House and has even spoken to a lot of people. This famous ghost of the world that wanders is not here to harm people but instead loves his place and never finds a reason to leave.


The Dutchman

If you are at sea, you might come across the Flying Dutchman, which is a phantom ship that sails the clear waters at the Cape Of Good Hope. Sailors who have spotted the phantom ship on sea have unexpectedly lost their life in a matter of minutes. It is also believed to be bad luck if another ship crosses the Flying Dutchman.



It is said that this ruler of Egypt, Akhenaten abolished old ancient Egyptian religion and the worshiping of many Gods at the time of his rule. After this abolishment, a lot of priests lost their jobs and when the great ruler Akhenaten died, the priests cursed his ghost to wander the desert for eternity, and many claim to have spotted him.


The Greenbrier Ghost

Have you heard of the Greenbrier Ghost? The woman, Zona Shue, who was brutally murdered in 1897 by her abusive husband found her mother to be the only person who could bring out the truth behind her death. Her mother was visited by the Greenbrier Ghost aka Zona Shue who reported the whole story of her murder. It was with this evidence the police arrested her convicted husband who later narrated the same incident.


Resurrection Mary

One of the most famous ghosts of the world that wanders is none other than Mary from Chicago. The young girl who died unexpectedly in a hit and run case was buried in the Resurrection cemetery in a white dress. Till date, on the road near the Resurrection cemetery, you may just see a beautiful young woman with her thumb in the air, asking for a ride. When picked up, she requests them to take her to the graveyard and when you reach there she vanishes into thin air.


The Brown Lady

This famous ghost of the world that wanders wears a brown brocade dress, hence the name. Her story - Lady Dorothy Townshend was forcibly locked away by her husband and made to die an unnatural death. Sources reveal she came back to haunt her husband till his death, but nothing has been documented. A Major who noticed the brown lady walking on the stairs in Raynham Hall in Britain was petrified as all he could see was black sockets where her eyes should have been.

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