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Best Tips To Respond To Rude Emails At Work


What do you hate most about a working day? You go to office in an upbeat mood with the enthusiasm to do something, you open your email on your system and bang comes a nasty email that screws your mood totally. And that is the gist of a bad day at work. Responding to rude emails is a part of your job in any office. So do not let the task of responding to a rude email from a colleague put you off.


To reply to an angry email, you need to be calm first. Always remember, the email was written with the intention of making you angry and therefore, do not forget your email ethics at work. Your response to this rude email will show whether you are a thorough professional or you still act on impulse. Never give a sudden reply to an angry email. You need to plan your response carefully.

If you want to maintain a sane record at your workplace, you need to learn how to respond to a rude email. There are some simple tips that can help you in this regard. Always remember your workplace email ethics and do not shy away from reporting if these are broken. You in turn must not break any rules either. These are some appropriate ways to respond to a rude email at work place.


Do Not Reply Immediately

Never give an immediate reply to a nasty email. When your anger is spiked, you will most probably make a mistake in framing a sensible reply. Sit on it for at least 10 minutes until you are calm.


Take A Breather

If you still feel angry reading that email, go out or have a cup of coffee to get it out of your system. An email is not the best place to vent your anger.


Don't Discuss The Email With Other Colleagues

The less you talk at your workplace, the more out of trouble you will stay. So do not start a discussion on this email that you have received.


Look For Abusive Language

Read the email again and see if any abusive language has been used in the email. If there has been abusive language in the email, then you need to report it to the HR immediately.


Check For CC

You need to very lucid about who all have received a copy of this nasty email apart from you. And be careful because there might be a BCC hidden somewhere. Your response to the email should not reflect poorly on you.


Is The Issue Genuine?

You need to check if the issue underlying the email is genuine or it is just a matter of personal grudge. If it is your mistake, then it is best to correct it and shoot off an apology. Taking a step down doesn't hurt sometimes.


Frame A Witty Reply

However, if you are not at fault, then there is no reason you should put up with the 'shit'. Frame a witty and sarcastic reply to the email and send it across.


Mark A Copy

And this time, mark a copy to your boss and/or the concerned person's boss as well. This will keep the seniors in the loop. But do this only if you are 100 percent sure that the fault does not lie with you.


Treat This Like A Part Of Your Job

Do not allow such episodes to upset you because it is part of your job. When you meet the concerned person at coffee break or at a lunch, don't forget to smile and say 'hi'.

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Story first published: Monday, May 12, 2014, 17:01 [IST]