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Marijuana Facts You Must Know!


Well there is a spreading news at the moment which has become a rage! Marijuana is now legally sold in Colorado which has raised a lot of questions. While it is a bad news for a few, a majority of people are happy to see the legal sell of pot. The cannabis market in Colorado has been opened on the New Year's day and has attracted a lot of attention.

The world's first state-licensed marijuana retailers in Colorado has legally permitted to sell pot for recreational use, and long line of customers have showed a positive response. So, after Colorado became the first state in the world to allow legal sales of marijuana for recreational use, it is time to give some interesting facts about marijuana or cannabis.

Interesting Facts About Marijuana:

Marijuana Users Do Not Opt For Other Illicit Drugs: This is one of the most interesting facts to know about cannabis. Marijuana does not cause people to get into the addiction of hard drugs.

Marijuana Does Not Cause Mental Illness: Although cannabis has side effects, it is interesting to know that marijuana doesn't cause mental illness. While feelings of panic, anxiety, and paranoia are common effects after smoking pot, they are temporary and decrease within a few hours.

Marijuana Does Not Cause Cancer: It is believed that smoking pot is not associated with the risk of cancer. Some longitudinal studies have concluded that long-term use of marijuana (via smoking) in human is not elevating the risk of cancer. So, cannabis is not something that can be compared to cigarettes?

Health Effects: Who says that marijuana is not a healthy drug? Well, there are studies which have shown that smoking pot can be helpful for treating some medical conditions like nausea caused during cancer chemotherapy. It is also good for stimulating appetite in AIDS patients, and reduces muscle spasticity in patients with neurological disorders.

Controls Appetite: Why models and actors are into smoking pot? We see a lot of celebs who are caught smoking pot. This is all because of the fact that marijuana controls appetite. So if you want to maintain that size zero figure, then smoking pot can be an option.

No Long-term Impairment: When compared to alcohol and other drugs, marijuana doesn't have long-term cognitive impairment. According to surveys and studies, short term memory, increased heart rate, increased blood pressure etc are common effects. However, they are not long-term.

These are a few interesting facts about marijuana that you must know.

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