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5 Tips To Be Popular In College


There will not be anybody who doesn’t enjoy those secret gazes following their way! If you are a college student, chances are more that you are also one among them. Getting noticed from among thousands of students will be a tough job, unless you follow proper planning and execution. College life is the most beautiful time in your life. Enjoying this to its fullest will give you sweet memories that you can cherish throughout your life. This is the time when you start thinking about how to be popular in college.


Try something different and unique, so that you will never get confused about how to be popular in college. There are tips that will help you get noticed by the whole college, no matter how well you performed. How exciting it will be if all the students in the college love to be friends with you? Here are some tricky ideas that you can try to become the most popular icon of your college.

Be trendy: Nobody can let go the tendency to look at the trendiest person of the campus. Give a chance for your college mates to discuss your dress, hairstyle, accessories or selection sense. You are sure to get noticed this way!

Extracurricular activities: If you are looking for the most effective method to be popular in college, participating in various extracurricular activities will be the best choice for you. Participating in cultural activities or sports will help you get a ‘hi’ from others in your college you don’t even know.

Keep sound relationships: Being popular in college is easy if you are transparent in your relationships. Be ready to lend a hand to anybody who needs your help. Make each one feel that you are really concerned about them. If you notice a problem anywhere around the campus, don’t leave your chance to get popular by solving the problem wisely.

Be active in social media: We are living in a world where social media rules our relations. If you wonder how to be popular in college, active use of social media is the next best choice. Expand your friend connections and make each of them feel that you are very much concerned about them. DO YOU KNOW THE CELEBS WHO ARE COLLEGE DROP OUTS?

Be a leader: If you are planning to remain as one among the group, you will never get noticed by anybody. For becoming the centre of attraction, you should be powerful enough to lead a team. Find your own reasons to climb to the leader's post whenever a cultural programme or an academic conference is planned.

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Story first published: Thursday, February 13, 2014, 14:14 [IST]