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The 8 Biggest Secrets In The World


Secrets are something everybody wants to know, isn't it? And quite the irony of it all is that most secrets remain secrets and most people do not end up knowing them. While some secrets are accepted as being information not worth knowing, others are dug into as if they were vital to influencing our tendencies and dispositions as human beings. While such is the case, the importance of secrets cannot be thrown off the table. This article looks at some of the most kept secrets in the world. It wouldn't fail to take you by surprise that some of these secrets are amongst the biggest secrets in the world.


As humans, it is our natural propensity to question which secrets are the biggest secrets of the world. And knowing that some secrets are the biggest secrets of the world, it goes without saying that they are the most kept secrets in the world. Moreover, as an addendum to the aspect of keeping secrets, some secrets are meant to be the biggest secrets in the world, for revealing them can create a world of turmoil.

Let us look at some these most kept secrets of the world.


Your Crush

Well, right from the time we were one year old and able to identify the opposite sex, we've always had that thing for someone or the other, haven't we? And as we grow older, our crushes grow in size. Most importantly, we don't go around revealing all those crushes we've had, do we? Crushes are amongst the most kept secrets in the world.


Relationships of the Past

Most people have actually been in a relationship before being committed in a healthy relationship. But not everyone ends up revealing it.


Oil Locations

For many countries in the World, especially in the middle east, oil is the paramount source of revenue. The OPEC, easily one of the most powerful Cartels in the world, controls oil production and supply. So, it comes as no surprise that a lot of information on oil rich locations isn't shared.


Trade Secrets In The Corporate World

We all know of the fact that numerous companies sell the same product. But why is it that certain companies befittingly outperform the others? Well, it is because trade secrets are amongst the biggest secrets in the world.


Bank Accounts

Many governments around the world have raised the issue of secretive banking and have taken a stand against it. Banking secrecy is by far amongst the most kept secrets of the world. Perhaps the most, for the value of money is dependent on what quantity is in circulation. So we don't really know how much is hidden.


Medical Histories

This is another one of those most kept secrets in the world. Medical histories, if revealed like any normal information, can pose a threat to patients and their identities.


The operation of the Judiciary

Well, this one has to be there right at the top. Remember, all judgments passed by courts aren't justice in the entirety of their essence. A lot of information is concealed and kept away from the public eye. Also, do not be of the sinister assumption that all judges are worthy of honor. Although most are, there are serious discrepancies in judgments sometimes


Military and Scientific Research Secrets

Military Secrets are easily the biggest secrets in the world. Countries see military might as an essential element to gain an edge in trade and finances. While it is largely believed that certain countries like the US and Russia are prodigiously ahead in military technology, we really don't know to what extent. It remains the most elusive secret, even to the citizens of the respective countries in question. The same is the case not just with military, but also Advancement of Research in Science.

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