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Rules To Prepare For A Job Interview

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Getting ready for a job interview can be really stressful. The anxiety about the workplace, people, questions and the thought of the whole situation is enough to create those butterflies in your stomach. Most people even lose their night's rest thinking of the job interview on the next day. The fear of failing in the job interview is so overpowering that people stop thinking about it logically.

There is a simple reason why people fail at job interviews- the lack of preparation. In the tension and stress, people just drive this simple thing out of their minds. Proper preparation is the most crucial element and key to clear any job interview. When you go unprepared, your potential employer can easily sense it from your answers and body language. So, keeping the anxiety at bay first prepare yourself thoroughly before facing any interview.

Rules To Prepare For A Job Interview

Still worried about the preparations? Then here is the checklist which will help you out. Go through these simple rules to prepare for a job interview and then give it a shot.

Rule 1: Do Your Research
You do not need to possess the entire information about the company. But you have to be familiar with the basic facts of the company. Do a brief research on the internet about the company before appearing for the interview. Find out what the company is all about. Then think about your role in the scenario and prepare yourself accordingly.

Rule 2: Perfect Presentation
Remember, your first impression is your last impression. So, groom yourself properly. Apart from that the most important thing is to go through your CV properly before appearing for the interview. Since your interviewers will know quite well about you through your CV, you need to be careful about the facts. Answer every question with confidence and do not hesitate to say if you don't know the answer.

Rule 3: Basic Questions Matter
This is the most crucial part of the interview. Your interviewer will ask you some very easy questions like what you are looking for in the job and why you chose the company over other. These answers will seem obvious in your mind. But at the time the answers will seem extremely difficult to put into the right words. So, prepare yourself beforehand as to what you will reply in such a situation.

Rule 4: Nail It Down With Confidence
Nothing charms the interviewer more than your confidence. Look straight into the eyes of the interviewer when you answer the questions. You may find it intimidating, but your interviewer is looking for that in you. Also keep a balanced body language. Do not be too tight or too relaxed. Most importantly, do not be thrown off your balance if you come across an unexpected question. Take some time to formulate a response and then answer it.

Rule 5: Believe In Yourself
The most important thing is to believe in your strengths. Visualize yourself getting successful in the interview. Only then you will gain the confidence to face your interviewers. Do not feel intimidated, let your body and mind relax and then go for the answers.

This is not a do or die scenario. So, relax and face your interview. You have nothing to lose. But only to gain. Give it your best shot and leave the rest to your luck.

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Story first published: Saturday, October 5, 2013, 9:00 [IST]
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