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Funny Jokes On Superman!


After the release of The Man Of Steel, we can see the craze for Superman. There are many superhero characters like Batman, Spiderman etc. However, Superman has always tend to impress us a lot. Even funny jokes and facts about Superman are really interesting. Even if someone doesn't know about Superman, jokes on this superhero are heard and laughed at.

The most common joke about Superman is about his outfit, especially the underwear. If you check out the pictures of Superman, you can see that he is wearing his underwear outside. This has become a funny joke for many people including kids. If you are a Superman fan, then here are few jokes on him that can make you ROFL!

Funny jokes about Superman:

Joke 1: Name the man who wears underwear outside his pants? It is none other than the Superman.

Joke 2: Who wears a red undie? Superman.

Joke 3: Why does Superman fly? Because he was getting bored so he started flying in the sky.

Joke 4: Superman and Chuck Norris once bet on an arm wrestling match. The loser had to wear his underwear on the outside of his clothes.

Joke 5: Why is Superman wearing a tight fitting outfit? Because he is wearing a size S!

Joke 6: Why does Superman wear his undies outside? Because he is always fast so forgot to wear the undies first.

Joke 7: What is Superman's greatest weakness? A Bucking horse.

Joke 8: What Superhero uses for transportation? His long hand is enough to make him fly free of cost.

Joke 9: What did Superman say when he married two Women on the same day. "That's mighty bigamy!"

Joke 10: What would you find in Superman's bathroom? Superbowl.

Joke 11: What do you get if you cross the man of steel with a hot vegetable broth? Souperman!

Joke 12: What is red and blue and goes a million miles per hour? Superman in a blender.

These are few common jokes about Superman. If he can't make fun of himself, we can! Do you know other jokes about this superhero?

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Story first published: Tuesday, June 18, 2013, 9:02 [IST]
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