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Halloween 2019: Famous Monster Costumes To Look Forward To


The spooky Halloween is almost upon us, and the monsters are rubbing their hands together, waiting to come out from their deep dark holes to create chaos and mayhem in town. But even though kids costume themselves every year around, a lot has been changed since the early days of Samhaim which is the pagan festival from which Halloween originated. Like every year, this year too it will be celebrated on 31 October.

It is said that in ancient Ireland, there were fairies who roamed the streets, playing malicious tricks on everybody who dared to walk at night, and then we have the evil witches who concocted evil potions all around the world with magic. Then there are werewolves who came out howling from the forests trying to kill every vampire that came across their scent.

Every year, we wonder what to dress up in to celebrate this spooky festival, Halloween. This year, it is time to try out some of the outrageous Halloween costumes we have lined up for you.

Take a look at some of the monsters you can be this Halloween. Boldsky has put together some of the creepiest type of costumes you can come across. With the right type of makeup and the attitude to carry off the monster Halloween costume, you will surely be the new ghost on the block.

Take a look:



This is one of the most famous Halloween costumes you can try out this year. The Mummy costume is regarded to be the best as you can never figure out who the person actually is when you are under all those wraps.


Dark angels

Dark angels is the best and famous Halloween costume you can try this year. Dark angels are much more preferred to when it comes to the heavenly ones.



The bloody vampires and the sharp teeth always catch the attention of many. Though at every Halloween party you might see a Robert Pattinson, this time go ancient with other actors who have been vampires, like Colin Farrell.



The werewolf look can never go unnoticed. If you are wondering which Halloween costume to try out this year, go in for the werewolf look. It is religiously tormenting when compared to vampires.



Witches can never run out of style. This Halloween try out the witch costume in a different way. You can go via the Harry Potter style or Sabrina which is a famous Halloween costume.



Dress your kids up like Chucky the famous haunted doll who always makes you want to crawl up in your seat. Kids can sport the Chucky famous Halloween costume this year.


Pumpkin head

Pumpkin heads symbolise the true meaning of Halloween. If you want to make it simple this year, just go as a pumpkin head.



Blood crawling down your face and black smoky makeup will make you look dead and thirsty for blood and flesh. This Halloween dress up like an outrageous zombie.



This is one of the funniest and famous costumes you can sport for Halloween this year. However, dressing up like a scarecrow is a great challenge and indeed one of the best ways to celebrate Halloween.


Freddy Kruger

Freddy Kruger is one of the best characters you can dress up this Halloween. Dress up like this famous serial killer and scare everyone in the town.

Image Courtesy: Twitter

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