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Common Fears Faced By People That Is Weird!


Today, most of the things which we do in our world is linked to something or the other. There are tons of people who are suffering from phobias which are weird to even talk about. People who suffer from weird types of phobias and general fears have the tendency to carry on with this fear for the rest of their lives. When you have this fear in your body, there are times when you are scared to even take the next step forward.

Superstitions too are a major part of ones life. There are more than a million people who are superstitions about certain things that have descended from our ancestors. Though we live in a well advanced modern world, there are a lot of people who still continue to be scared and terrifies with simple things.

Today, Boldsky has put together some of the things people of all ages are afraid of. Take a look at some of the common and interesting things people are generally afraid of. It is said that human nature is very complex and that we humans have learned to be strong, competitive and courageous in times of danger. Whereas on one hand we as humans are afraid of something or the other, right? Experts claim to say that these fears are rational or a product of some long buried trauma which vary from person to person. Whatever the root cause of these fears it is believed that more than half of the world's population experience the same fear for various reasons.

Take a look at some of the common fears faced by million of people from around the world:



This is a common fear which is seen in most of the people from around the world. Mostly known as aerophobia, people who suffer from this fear are scared to step into planes and in worst cases they even tremble when they see a plane!



It is commonly believed that dogs are a man's best friend, but to some it isn't. A common fear seen in most people is the fear of dogs. People who are terrified with this animal have usually had a rough past with either a dog bite or something else related.



It is a very common fear faced by a lot of people. Those who fear spiders have a concern over the insect crawling up on them and even the thought of it makes one tremble. One on hand, there are loads of people who indulge in spider chocolates! Haven't you heard?



Rats are yet again another fear which most people have. The reason for the fear is that these little animals carry a lot of diseases which is terrifying and the main reason why humans fear them.



The thought of dying is one fear and not being able to see a dead body is another fear which most people around the world. What is weird about this fear is that some people cannot even see an animal or an insect dying!



Are you afraid of seeing blood.? If yes, there are more than a million people around the world who are afraid at the sight of blood. This common weird fear which people have is present in almost every individual at all ages



This is an unsettling fear which is common among different ages of people. There are beings who experience a degree of natural fear when exposed to heights, especially if there is little or no protection. Fear of standing on a ladder, fear of the lift/ escalator, fear of standing near a building's window etc are some of the examples.



This is one of the weird fears common in people at a very young age. Experts say that this fear is cultivated as the child is exposed to angels and demons by the parents who blackmail them into doing something. When the case is severe, people suffering from this fear generally tend to sleep with their eyes open at night.



Loud noises, lightning are two things which go along with this fear. Children is the most affected in relation to this type of fear and as years progress the common fear of thunder never gets left behind.



Creepy things roaming beside you or a sleezy creature crawling up your body is something that most people fear around the world. What is connected with this fear is death.

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Story first published: Wednesday, November 13, 2013, 18:14 [IST]
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