7 Things Women Always Carry!

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John Lennon famously said, "Woman, I love you forever." Women indeed are strange creatures. Lovable, caring, graceful, gorgeous and yet totally unfathomable. That is why it is difficult to figure out how women forget their keys at home but never forget to carry things like combs and makeup products. It is amazing how a woman's brain works.

Women need few things and they will never leave their homes without carrying them. To get a clearer picture of why certain things make women tick, read the following list.

Things Women Carry

Things Women Always Carry:

1. Wet Wipes: A pack of wet scented tissues is one of the few things that women never forget to take. The justification for always carrying tissues might be that it comes handy for wiping their pretty faces when their skin is exposed to dust and pollution. It is also very useful for wiping makeup blunders.

2. Comb: If you look inside the handbag of a woman, you will surely find a comb. They might forget few important things to carry like the office access card or the home keys but never a comb. Imagine the horror if they have to come back home with dishevelled hair!

3. Deodorant Or Perfume: Smelling bad is any woman's nightmare. So, a deodorant or perfume is one of the things women prefer to have with them all the time. Moreover, it helps them become fragrant just before a date or an important meeting.

4. Sunscreen: If you rate a woman's fears, then becoming dark due to tanning will come right after smelling bad. So, even after applying generous amounts of sunscreen lotion on their faces, women find it necessary to carry it along. What if the sunscreen gets washed away!

5. Mirror: "Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest off them all." It is not enough to check out their reflection on any shaded glass or shiny surface they pass. A real mirror is a thing women prefer to carry whenever they leave home. They use it to touch up their makeup, send signals to a handsome guy behind or simply to admire themselves.

6. Basic Makeup: This could mean different things to different women. For some, it will be just a lip balm and for some kohl. Other women might need their entire makeup kit and still want more. The bottom line is that no woman leaves her home without some provisions to highlight her beauty.

7. Mobile Phone: Women may not be exactly gadget friendly, but there is one gadget they cannot live without, their mobile phones. Who is going to miss out on all the gossip and urgent calls from friends?

These are 7 things that women have in their 'must carry' list. Do you know of any other thing that women need to have before leaving home.

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Story first published: Tuesday, July 3, 2012, 9:42 [IST]
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