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How To Behave In A Pub? - Pub Etiquette

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Pub Etiquette
A drink does get two unknown very close but there are certain table manners that need to be followed even in bars and pubs. Today, we will share a few pub etiquette rules so that you do not lose value with people who accompany you. Take a look.

Generally, we find men and women getting drunk badly and losing control in the place. They try to dance, fall on people, stamp foot of people and embarrass those who got them to the party. Here are some rules that need to be in mind before you plan to party at a pub.

Pub Etiquette Rules

1. Be Polite – Even if there is a loud music in background, you need to be polite to the servers who serve you drink. Bar tenders and the staff members would definitely expect you to be clear and cool when you order for a drink. Remember that they are doing their job so respect the profession. If you are not happy with their service, you can request the owner in a calm way. Do not forget to acknowdge the good service as it will help you the next time you visit.

2. Do You Give Tips? – Bar tenders and staff members are well paid and do not expect you to give them tips and neither it is mandatory. So what you need to do is while you pay the bill, you may be returned with small change which can go as tips to the bar tender. You can ask him/her to keep the change.

3. Personal Belongings – There is always a chance to lose stuff as the place is dark and you will be either dancing or busy with the company. Always drink limited and keep an eye on your belongings. When you plan to dance, handover your stuff to friends or family until you get back.

4. Smoking In Pubs – Generally there is smoking area in the pubs and bars so see to it that you follow the pub etiquette rules stricly and not spoil the furniture by spilling ash and burning with cigarette butt.

5. Using Toilets – Never litter the toilets with disposible papers and sanitary napkins. Carry a disposible bag or use the trash bin. Puke and poop in the toilets and not in the wash basin.

6. No Public Display Of Affection (PDA) – You may get emotional when you are high with drink and music but do not misbehave by making out, pouncing on partner or sleeping on couch that is exclusively arranged for customers who wish to drink and enjoy music. Know how to behave and educate your friends who do the same.

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Story first published: Monday, January 30, 2012, 17:25 [IST]
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